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Funny how these investment banks can downgrade Apple's stock-maybe they should have downgraded their own first!! If they can't even get their own act together, how can they know anything about anyone else?!
I thought Republicans were good at screwing the little guy and middle class but at least were good at big business...guess they aren't even good at that...
I have some shares of Apple stock, and as a fan of Apple generally feel good about them, not wanting to really sell them for quite awhile, whether they dip to nothing or quadruple. I'm not that savvy in the stock trade business and I'm trying to learn more as I invest more. We all know the market is in the dumps, with the price of fuel skyrocketing, etc., but what I don't really understand is why it affects tech companies like Apple so much. How can Apple have the...
I don't know of any discrepancies-should work fine!
I downloaded 'xbench' and ran the test. How could I tell what speed the drive's 'cache' is running at? There are all these read and write numbers that I can;t decipher. Thanks for any info!
Just checked my drives and the firmware says 'AD04', not SD04 -I was off. I think these AD04 are the messed up ones. Anyone have any other info or know how to make these work on a MAC? Thanks!
Has anyone else had the firmware issues with their hard drives not reading the 32mb cache? Seems to be with firmware AD4 drives (of course that's what OWC just sent me...) I haven't even opened and installed the 1TB drives yet for fear that I may need to return them. Is there any way to test your drive to see if you are getting full 32mb cache vs. 16? I've checked many computer forums and this seems easy to do and then update firmware on your PC but I...
Hey cnocbui-totally off topic... I'm coming to Ireland for my first time in 2 weeks! Any must-see things that most tourists don't know about as well as must-avoid things where 1,000s of tourists go? I'm staying in a small town in the Southwest. Any info is appreciated!
Thanks for all the great info! OK-so not to beat a dead horse (where did that expression come from anyways?) I'm looking to add 3 internal drives (not in a raid) to my new mac pro to use for virtual music software sounds. Would I be better off with the standard Seagate Barracuda 11 or paying a little more for the enterprise version? (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822148278) Thanks again for any insights!
So is it worth it buy an enterprise version? I can't decide between an excellently rated Samsung 1TB and the Seagate 11 series 1TB. Anyone have any thoughts ? Thanks!
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