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I know this will never happen but....."BRING IT HOME! Create jobs in the US and make the stuff here! Or put the plant in Mexico, where it's way closer, and we can work on illegal immigration at the same time. I know everyone will scream..."Do you want it to cost $900 dollars instead of $200? Because after paying a regular person's wages that's what will happen?" To which I will reply as I always do-NO, it should still only costs $200, because rather than the...
I still don't get why they did;nt use the iOS and make a killing on more apps sold and distributed. Get everyone hooked just like the iphone....Then just have an iTV app on the front.
$10 for those bumpers? You're kidding me right. They have machines in China pump those things from a mold faster than you can type. I'd say $1 each is about right.
---Agree-what happens after Sept 30?!!!
I really wish Safari would have an option to reload all your web pages after it crashes. This actually happens to me quite often and always makes me restart my browser using Firefox, which of course has that feature...
Google went from nothing to bazillionaires because of one thing, a stupid search engine with ad money. Doesn't apple see how much money can be made this way? They just bought an ad company to do this for the iphone, so they must be starting to see the light. How many millions iphones and 'growing' numbers of macs are out there? Man that would be alot of people using 'apple search'... they should totally start there own engine. Why not?!
I think the problem is not that typical Americans aren't willing to work for decent wages, it's that the freaking top guys aren't willing to work for less than $hundreds of millions. The CEOs of all of these Americans companies are freaking greedy SOBs that don't give a crap about America, suicides in China, or anything else. They only care about themselves...
(((I've said this before, time for Apple to take the lead and move production back to the USA.))) AGREED!!! Loose a few bucks and help the planet and this country! Be a leader and just do it.
What about the 13". Seems that one got screwed...
As far as I can tell the USB is only for importing photos- with an adapter. Just put a dang USB port on it and you can move files around effortlessly...seriously. What would that cost them 50 cents?!
New Posts  All Forums: