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I still can't understand how this thing doesn't have a USB port... Seriously I don't get it.
I understand many people don't like flash. I don't have a particular feeling one way or the other. As a video editor I use flash pretty exclusively for publishing video on the web. It's easy to make flash files, they generally look pretty great especially at such small file sizes, and are harder for people to copy. I've been in video for quite a while and nearly everyone I know posts video to the web using flash. Maybe adobe will get their act together with Flash...
Should have put a USB port on it.......
I don't have any answers for this debate, but I think it's only going to get worse. I decided a couple years ago to buy things made practically anywhere except China. I know many companies may get medals and other supplies from there (possibly radioactive, lead or otherwise), and you can't possibly know where every raw material comes from. Most of the USA doesn't even have any clue where most of the food we eat every day comes from, because they don't want you to...
I wonder how many people per day will walk in wanting to buy an ipod or iphone and get dumbfounded looks!\
I can't even get AT&T to let me make a call all the way through without dropping out...but I'm gonna stream a movie? Good luck. Apple should just start buying these dudes up. Buy adobe, buy netflix, buy all of them like microsoft buys everybody else. Why not? F rom what I hear they surely got the money. Save them all the headaches and legal stuff in the long run.
So if I have one but nothing has happened so far, what should I do? Should I be preventative and bring it in now? What do they use to replace it with? Is it just the same card? Thanks for any info!
Man, I totally agree. It would be nice to have it say 'Apple, California' and also 'Made in the USA' on the same box!
Sorry, I mean is it the 'Gigabit' version or the older one? Thanks again!
I'm thinking of buying an airport extreme used. Does anyone know which version model MA073C/A is? I know it's not the brand new version, but is it the Ethernet one or the original? Thanks so much for any info!
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