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Hey cnocbui-totally off topic... I'm coming to Ireland for my first time in 2 weeks! Any must-see things that most tourists don't know about as well as must-avoid things where 1,000s of tourists go? I'm staying in a small town in the Southwest. Any info is appreciated!
Thanks for all the great info! OK-so not to beat a dead horse (where did that expression come from anyways?) I'm looking to add 3 internal drives (not in a raid) to my new mac pro to use for virtual music software sounds. Would I be better off with the standard Seagate Barracuda 11 or paying a little more for the enterprise version? (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822148278) Thanks again for any insights!
So is it worth it buy an enterprise version? I can't decide between an excellently rated Samsung 1TB and the Seagate 11 series 1TB. Anyone have any thoughts ? Thanks!
Does anyone know the difference between a regular old HD and a 'Enterprise' series version? There's obviously quite a price difference! Thanks for any info! Still curious! Thanks for any info!
Does anyone know how much longer the AT&T contract with Apple is? I think it was something like 5 years...Maybe Apple should break their contract and open it up to all carriers. I don't have have an iphone because I'm halfway into a 2 year contract with Sprint.... This exclusive tying of a product to 1 carrier seems like an outdated model anyways...
I pretty much disagree with this person. Nothing personal. The Mac Pros have been getting upgrade once or 2x a year for the last couple years and they pretty much were just upgraded. Usually when the new computers come out, the old ones are only cheaper at resellers. Apple just replaces the older models with the new ones. They don't keep selling them, for cheaper. If this were true they would still be selling G3 computers for a few hundred bucks-which I actually...
I do tons of video work and could care less about Blu-Ray drives until the prices come down and they work out all the kinks. You're better off not getting and early burners that has problems anyway, and the discs are still way too expensive. I'm gonna wait until the problems are worked out, the discs are a couple bucks each, and they don't take 25 hours to burn. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how long it takes to burn a 2x or 4x a 50 GB blu-ray disc?!
Hard to beat OWC (macsales.com) I pretty much can't believe how cheap it is compared to what I paid just months ago!
OWC has great Ram as well. www.macsales.com
How does this Raid compare-anyone familiar or use this? http://www.CalDigit.com/HDPro.asp Thanks!
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