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Anyone heard anything regarding the FCP announcement after the FCP user's group meeting? Thanks for info!
Newbe questions- I apologize... Can both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players/recorders both play regular old standard DVDs? Thanks for the info!
I remember they had a few things at an extra 10% or someting last year only on that day. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything for this year!
Maybe just me, but I still prefer MOTU's Digital Performer anyways...
Hello all, Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for Laptop bags/sleeves/etc. that they like or have heard good things about. I'm getting a MBP soon and wanted to keep it safe. I know there are 1,000s to choose from but wanted something decent without spending a fortune. The vaja cases look awesome but are out of my price range. Anyone have any thouhts? Thanks for any info! ...sorry I spelled bags wrong in title...
I hope 1,000s of people rush out and buy FCP 6, Leopard, and the new Red camera right away. This way they can work out all the bugs for when I actually upgrade a year later. I can't wait to buy FCP 6 and Leopard next March!
I agree with melgross. But ultimately Avid will have to lower prices and will lose alot of business. I doubt Avid Express and the mojo would even exist if FCP wasn't around. They'd still be making people buy their $25,000 starter system. As an editor that has used Avid and FCP for years, there is a perception that Avid is the king, but that will change. I personally like FCP way more after using them both. Avid requires remembering hundreds of key strokes and...
Same design?!
I'm imagining editing on FCP, Pro Tools, Photoshop, After Effects, and even Word, etc. with a big touch screen instead of a mouse and keyboard, and it seems like it would work remarkably fast. Kinda like a scaled down version of Minority Report on a single monitor. I was also remembering back to a cool video I saw linked I believe from this board, where someone is making music and cool visuals using a big touch screen of some sort. Does anyone else remember or...
If money isn't really a huge deciding factor, I'd skip HDV and AVCHD altogether. Both will eventually be replaced with some other compression codec. If I had the moolah (a little over $5000), I'd get the Panasonic HVX200. Shoots 24p and has the option of shooting standard def on miniDV tapes & HD on P2 cards (for quick downloading) or on a firewire connected harddrive (Firestore).
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