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Does anyone know the difference between a regular old HD and a 'Enterprise' series version? There's obviously quite a price difference! Thanks for any info!
"onlooker and others..." where did you get your Ram from? I typically use OWC but I am curious. Also, what internal HDs did you go with? I can;'t make up my mind what to get. Thanks for the info!
I called Apple and they are going to replace with a new one. Now I just have to bring the other one (I never opened the box) back to FedEx and then wait another 3-4 weeks as it was a custom build. It was definitely traumatic. I keep walking in circles asking my girlfriend, "How is this possible?"... Arggh!
How this for a wake up... buzzer rings-It's early-could it be?! ...The Fed Ex guy delivering my special order New Mac Pro I've saved for years for and waited almost a month for? He runs up the stairs carrying it over his shoulder-hits it on the ceiling of my stairwell (I live in a condo), it flies over his shoulder, bashes on the ground and rolls down a few stairs! I watched the whole thing happen... My stomach dropped. It was like losing a girlfriend. 2...
I've always been a fan of OWC HDs. (www.macsales.com) Althought they tend to be a little pricier, they usually have a longer warranty. And as many people have told me and I've learned from years of experience, and even shedding a few tears-EVERY hard drive WILL CRASH. It's just a matter of when.
Why do you feel the need to gloat? Do you work for Sony?
I just purchased a new Mac Pro I've been saving for for years! I would like to add 3 HDs inside myself as I decided against blowing the bank and buying them from Apple. I've been reading all the reviews online and none of the new drives (Barracuda/Hitachi, etc) are getting good ratings, either from slower than printed speeds or noise issues. I do Video and Audio work, however, I'm thinking of sticking with 7200 drives for now, as the Raptors, etc don't quite seem...
Does anyone know if there is a difference in light output between the old apple cinema display from the G4 days and the new ACDs? I'm doing color correcting in FCP and it just seems like the new display s are 'brighter' when turned all the way up compared to the old displays. Anyone know any stats? Thanks for any info!
Maybe it's the amount of light coming at me? I feel weird after using it for awhile, almost like after playing a first person shooter video game where you fell dizzy afterward....
I've been saving for one of these for like 2 years and happily set it up last week. I am a video editor so thought, this thing will rock! (I've been using the 23" for last few years.) Now I feel like maybe I screwed up. This thing is freaking huge! I used to sit just a foot or so away from my 23" monitor, and now I just plain feel weird with this beast. I've pushed it way back and am sitting way further away but it still messes with my eyes. Does anyone else...
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