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Well it costs way more so screw this
And are now what's destroying it.
Sounds great!  Now let's do the same thing for people.
Agree, but even though I hate the 2 party system, there sure are a lot of fools continually voting GOP against the betterment of everyone and the planet.
Republican politicians caring more about money for their corporate owners more than people and the planet?  Say it isn't so!  What a shocker!
Your religious freedom doesn't trump others' freedoms and rights.  Period. My BS religion says I won't sell my products to idiot backwards religious nutjobs.  You cool with that?
Excellent article and I completely agree.
And amazingly these people are all happier, healthier, and better educated than all us 'Mericans' who think we're paying too much tax.  By the way taxes are the lowest in like 50 years.
I agree there.  Lots of pork, corruption, legislation, etc that need to be gone. Here's a few things I'd change that I'm sure would be the exact opposite for you. Cut the military in half and get just as much if not more done with less.  Talk about corruption, billions lost to countries that hate us, and military contractor waste...this is the first place to start.  I think the newest budget had us at almost 1 trillion. Make churches pay taxes.  Done.  Billions...
Well you could always move somewhere else.  Hmm, but it looks like most other countries have even more taxes.  What are you gonna do? Do you really think monopolies didn't exist before Obama?  Do you really think this magical 'free market' where 200 guys open everything works?
New Posts  All Forums: