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If the price is too high people won't buy, therefore what you write isn't technically true.  Sure they try to get out of everything possible.  After all, profits above all else....laws need to be changed.
1 out of 4 American companies pay ZERO taxes.
So what's the difference where in America the rich basically tell the court and politicians what to do?
Apple needs to get rid of Samsung ASAP and buy ZERO from them ever again. Quit giving them your money!
Just pay the F up.
Daniel would be amazing as always.
Thanks for your reply.  I guess I was thinking of just using this as a simple drive with duplicate backup copy. (Raid 1 I guess)   Right now I have 12 4TB OWC drives with a drive and backup copy of it for all my video work but I need to go to something better.  I suppose I need to research more...Thanks for any info!
Can you add SSD drives? What's the price without any drives? Their website doesn't work properly or I'd have these answers already.
This sucks...
Since you can buy something over and over again on itunes would it make BOA have to lee[p donating money? If so, someone should set up software to keep buying it over and over to make them spend every freaking penny they have.
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