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Highest tax rate in the world?  HAHAHA!  You actually believe companies pay this?  Are you freaking kidding me?
The Post office was doing fine until the GOP specifically decided to try to kill it.
Free market?  You actually think that still exists?  Good one!
You mean the same one that currently has profits at an all time high compared to wages at an all time low in ALL OF US HISTORY? I know you're knocking on Obama, but I agree with you, just for completely different reasons.  This helps to rectify the last 6 years of more of the same old BS.
Or companies and the super rich could pay the taxes they owe. And if you want to cut government lets start with insane amount we spend on the US military which doesn't even keep track of what it spends.
Good riddance, let them leave for good.  What we need to do is make it illegal to park your money overseas to begin with.
 'Go away' more like it.
 http://www.businessinsider.com/chattanooga-tennessee-big-internet-companies-terrified-2014-7 Try again.
They'll continue to rape us as long as possible for as much as possible, and buy the gov't to let them.
Taking 'freedoms' away is when the super rich own the planet and say what goes, which is exactly what these huge corporations are doing. They use their extra billions to BUY the government and then own you and I.  Tell me what 'freedoms' you think you'll have then?  None.
New Posts  All Forums: