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From what I can see Apple gave Samsung the chance to pay the royalties up front and Samsung said no.  They were willing to take this chance.  They lost.  That's business.
Go ahead and retort.  What do you have to say?
THROW AWAY THE KEY.   The White collar crime in this country needs to start now and end with most of Wall Street, the bankers, and half of the politicians.
Hand delivering the lobby check?
Lobbying should be illegal and tax loopholes should not exist.  Period.     Let's have a nationwide vote on it and see what happens.  I guarantee is would be 99% to 1% in the results...
So they pay some marketing firm several $ million to find out they can make more money screwing customers and charging them monthly fees....why not just make it more affordable so more people will use their products and then make more money by having access to a larger customer base?   Typical business bull___...
Uh, yes.   De-regulation is the cause of most of this country's problems.  We literally would not be in this mess were it not for de-regulation.
He's a Republican....actually he's a Republican?  Wait, what?   What is he thinking saying these things?  Is he sure he's a Republican?  Doesn't he know his party only cares about the rich and could caree less about America or Americans?   So confused...
Welcome to 'greed is good', 'buy our congress', corporate-owned America...where you can buy both parties and the Repubs will lead the way!
New Posts  All Forums: