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Daniel would be amazing as always.
Thanks for your reply.  I guess I was thinking of just using this as a simple drive with duplicate backup copy. (Raid 1 I guess)   Right now I have 12 4TB OWC drives with a drive and backup copy of it for all my video work but I need to go to something better.  I suppose I need to research more...Thanks for any info!
Can you add SSD drives? What's the price without any drives? Their website doesn't work properly or I'd have these answers already.
This sucks...
Since you can buy something over and over again on itunes would it make BOA have to lee[p donating money? If so, someone should set up software to keep buying it over and over to make them spend every freaking penny they have.
They'd fit nicely in with all the douchebag American companies, Wall Street, and Bankers screwing over Americans...
Meanwhile my iphone 5 along with several other people's I know have all borken with in the 1st year of use. This never happened with my 3 or 4.   Unfortunately I'm pretty sure Apple is already cutting corners and costs and getting inferior parts...
I'm with some of the other posters-no more Lacie for me. Way too many of them died and bad customer service. I dont' care what they come out with, I won't buy it.
Awesome. Now for the love of God can Facebook please do the same thing?!
Of course the conservatives (and I'm not a liberal) are the same ones saying our debt is destroying us while they champion huge billion dollar companies paying zero taxes. And all while saying we need even more trillions for their military contractor buddies. Who do these morons think pays if billion dollar companies don't?
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