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I completely agree.
Could not agree more.
Apple, just threaten to take away all the jobs. That would shut them up real F'ing fast. Meanwhile I wish you really did had the balls, leadership, and insight over pure financial greed, to actually do it and bring them back to America...
Couldn't agree more. Look me up. I've been saying it for years. Jobs' legacy should have ended with 'Jobs creates Jobs'... instead he only cared about the money, just like all the other CEOs destroying the country and bribing our politicians.
Dear China, You've stolen billions of dollars of intellectual property over several decades from us. Go F yourself. Sincerely, America
Agreed. And the jobs in the US just keep on going...all for greed and profits....oh and I guess for lobbying money too, can't forget that.
Agreed. And although I'm not a huge Obama fan in general, he's looking a million times better than any one of the complete douchebags running in the Republican party. Seriously the GOP are complete and utter joke, all at the expense of most Americans.
I really wish Apple hadn't screwed up with iWeb. Why didn't they keep it going and update it and make a professional version? It could have been awesome...
I agree with him. As an American, Canada is looking pretty desirable right now with the conservative and corporate morons running this country in the ground.
I agree. If they cared about labor policies they wouldn't be overseas to begin with. I love my Apple products, but just like every other American company sending jobs overseas, they care about money above all else, including the welfare of humans, the planet, or any Patriotism to America.
New Posts  All Forums: