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Must be the 100% bought and paid for GOP doing it.  I hate both parties but they are definitely the worse of the 2 evils.
Seth Rogan ruins it for me.  Can't stand that dude
Meh this is not going well....Bale is overrated and Seth sucks.  He annoys the cr@p out of me.  Sorkin is an excellent writer however so I guess we'll see what happens.
Yeah I would agree with you, but I just found out Walgreens gives millions to the Republican party so...I think I'll stick with CVS and Duane Reade even after this and hope they come around and see the light.
Wheres the screen without the mac for MacPros?!
Sure sure.  Let s ALL not pay taxes then.  Fair is fair right?  The people you should be worried about are the greedy rich CEOs of the world who are BUYING the government, not the government itself who is supposed to represent you.
That sucks. Bale is WAY overrated.
If the price is too high people won't buy, therefore what you write isn't technically true.  Sure they try to get out of everything possible.  After all, profits above all else....laws need to be changed.
1 out of 4 American companies pay ZERO taxes.
So what's the difference where in America the rich basically tell the court and politicians what to do?
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