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How can China sue anyone for stealing anything? Stealing other's ideas and copying is practically their calling card! Seriously add up the amount of pirated and copied shit over there and let's call the whole debt to them even. Done.
Uh, more like HELL for them. You have to be kidding right? Who the F wants to work on days like that? Maybe if they pay commission, otherwise forget it.
Hopefully not!
Watched the 60 minutes interview. Kind of sad to watch actually. I always admired Steve just like millions of others, for his great products and magical thinking. It's too bad to learn that he was actually kind of a douchebag. He may have had great design ideas, great products, intelligent interfaces, simplicity and uniqueness...but Humility trumps every other quality, every single time.
Has anyone noticed that yahoo mail keep making you sign in multiple times in safari and I keep getting the spinning wheel of doom? Anyone have any clues? It's taking forever to get anything done online! Thanks for any info!
Could not agree more. Why do the sociopathic douchebags always seem to rise to the top? I guess because humans somehow appreciate those traits? Me, those are the people I tell to F off and would fire if I were running a company. I'm not saying Forstall is necessarily like this because I'm only going off the article as well... But it sure seems like most middle and upper management of most companies are douchebags.
Couldn't agree more. Welcome to the world of Board members paying themselves millions for eating $16 cupcakes, and the complete bullshit that is Wall Street.
So dumb question... Is it build into 4GS or into iOS? Will it work with iphone 4 as well? I don't get it.
Couldn't agree more. Why are they still around?
Couldn't agree more.
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