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    I think myself and the last couple people are asking very similar questions.  I've yet to hear from a Libertarian how this could work.  With no regulations and no protection from corporate expansion, explain how the world would look where the rich don't own us all?    You do realize btw that government is there to represent us.  Now I know in modern times it's become increasingly owned by the rich.  But if scaled back and money removed I see a better outlook than one...
Interesting.  So tell me how the country would look then.   Out of curiosity, are planning on voting for Gary Johnson?    Also, since that seems like an extreme version of libertarian, tell me how we would thrive in such a country, as all I can ever see at the end of a libertairan utopia is the rich owing us all.
    Make it illegal. Problem solved.  Now pay up.   Here's an idea for you.  Why doesn't every person in the country claim themself as a self proprietor business and open offshore accounts in other countries?  Then no one will ever pay taxes.  Sound good?  Probably to you yes.   If the rich have so much money they can buy the gov't, who's job it is to represent you and me and not the corps and rich buying them, then tell me again how that's good?   I am not for 'big...
    Oh yes genius.  We should all applaud not paying taxes.  Personally I feel good investing in my country.     The only reason it's not illegal is because the rich have bought their way into our government to make it legal.
    Well if we have to pay tax, then do the F should they.  If you want to say no taxes for anyone that's another story I agree.  But they should pay AT LEAST as much as everyone else.   1)  Why do you think taxes on a corporation's profits are taxes on their customers?  You mean because the corporation just extends those 'costs' to their customers?  2) Screw the future investment for that company.  They have billions in profits, that's up the them to figure out.  Hows'...
    Pretty sure the sheep are the ones thinking business and the 'free market' will regulate itself and keep everything in check.  What 'Freedoms' do you think you'll have when the rich own your government and own you?
I'd say at least as much as you and I seems fair.  Why don't you agree?  You thin on those billions in profits they should pay less?
Taxes are the lowest in 60 years.  Corporate taxes seem high but no one pays any so it's meaningless.  Didn't you just read the article?  Apple paid less than you and I.  Way less.
Completely agree.  I love Apple products, but does Tim Cook really need to be making $400 million in 1 year alone?  All these CEO's and board members have so much money they are buying the gov't.  If you have that much money lying around something is wrong with the system.
Completely agree with the education part.  We need to switch our military and education budgets and see where we are in 20 years.  Education solves multiple problems at once, less drugs, less abortions, staying in school, better jobs, future companies, smarter workforce, etc.  Too bad the GOP wants to cut education and invest more in military...
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