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If the physical space on the drive where that info WAS stored has NOT yet been written over by other/new data, then it's possible... but requires specialized software, and will likely be costly (the folks that do that stuff ned to eat and pay rent too, you know). I say that, because if you had to ask if it was even possible, then you likely don't possess the knowledge, at this point, to do it yourself.
<<<---   6 iPhones and 3 iPads all updated without any problems.  It just worked.   I'm not saying you didn't have problems, but ... mine all worked as advertised.  So your poll has no useful answer/choice for me.
 Why would someone object to learning how life on the world we live on works?
Back it up to a computer using iTunes ... then, when you get the new phone, "Restore" it from that backup file.
 No you didn't!... your model would still shut off my phone while on a bus/train/plane/car even when I'm merely a passenger.   Carplay:  1.  It would require a separate screen and carplay plug/receiver at every seat (standing?) on a bus/train/plane.  - 2.  Adoption has been slow at best... there are only a handful of car models (literally... count your fingers) where it's available now... most manufacturers are still touting several years downtime road before widespread...
So.... If I'm a passenger riding the bus, I can't text? If I'm a passenger riding a train, I can't text? If I'm a passenger on a ferry boat, I can't text? If I'm a passenger on an airplane, I can't text? If I'm a passenger in a limousine, I can't text? When I'm riding the Super Shuttle from my house to the airport, I can't text?   Your idea, while well-intentioned, is poorly thought out.
Well.... you wanted to remove the DRM, so you now have to download a new version of each of those files... makes perfect sense.   Assuming they had mentioned all this in the "fine print", would you have bothered to read it anyway?   I certainly understand the desire/need to vent... but... nothing has really gone "wrong"... you just elected to upgrade your song files to non-DRM versions so that you could play them in your truck.  That upgrade naturally involves...
I'm fairly certain that 802.11n is already faster than your internet connection.
I'm all for switching to a Mac ... but... at 85? Just make sure he understands there will be a bit of a learning curve associated with this.   I also like the idea of using a Mini (or laptop) with a standalone screen so that you can bump the resolution down and make the interface MUCH easier to read if his eyesight is not what it used to be!
Then just keep using iPhoto or Aperture. It's still on the computer and still fully functional (unless YOU deleted it)...
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