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give iBank a try (in the App Store). I switched to that a LONG time ago when Q wouldn't update their app to work on whatever the latest version of OS X was at the time ... so far, I've never had reason to wish I hadn't switched.
 Sorry, Islam/Muslim is NOT A RACE.
Well then so is Christianity.  The crusades may be history, but they are a result of christianity that is no different than Islamic jihad.
Each person uses his own apple ID on his devices.  Then... whoever controls the master "family" account (in this case, your wife's apple ID) can go into settings and invite the others to the family plan.  All ID's in the family sharing plan will then be able to share music/apps/vids purchased by any of those ID's. It works great for me.
Same here ... it happens on the iMac (mid 2011) all the time, but never on the MacBookAir (mid 2013)... both running 10.11.1 (but the behavior goes back at least to 10.10.x)
Does yours do this even if you leave a window open? (I'm pretty sure mine only quits if there are no windows open on screen... I can't recall it ever quitting during a download.)
I really think (nothing to back it up though) that it's related to the same auto-quit behavior that the other Apple apps use (Preview, TextEdit, etc.) but for some reason it doesn't happen with Safari until some (longer) amount of time after you close the last window.  Then again, I could be way off base and it might be a bug rather than a feature.
mine does that ... has been for a long time (moths at least ... a year maybe?... maybe since 10.10?   It only quits though when there are no windows open. (but not right away like some apps... Preview, TextEdit come to mind... Safari doesn't quit for at least several minutes after the last window is closed.)
I had the same problem last night with my iPhone after upgrading to the latest revision of iOS. I'm not sure what finally "fixed" it. (it's working fine now) ... It might have been re-starting the phone.  It seemed to be a bug in the initial "Music" splash screen that you get after an upgrade. (The screen where Apple tries to get you to subscribe to their music service... I don't know why I have to keep telling them to piss-off EVERY time they issue an update to the...
 That pretty much describes a 911. (aesthetically at any rate.) ;)
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