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 You can see the difference on a 27" (or 21") screen.  If you can't actually see the difference (between Retina and 4k) on a 5" screen, then there's no point to having it. (Having the ability to airplay to a bigger screen at 4k though ... that could work.)
Fusion will be faster ... but a flash drive would be WAY faster.
 Not even the RAM ... it's not removable.
They're obviously going to have to come up with some other name...  "iRing" already exists as a patented product. (http://www.iringusa.com)
If the physical space on the drive where that info WAS stored has NOT yet been written over by other/new data, then it's possible... but requires specialized software, and will likely be costly (the folks that do that stuff ned to eat and pay rent too, you know). I say that, because if you had to ask if it was even possible, then you likely don't possess the knowledge, at this point, to do it yourself.
<<<---   6 iPhones and 3 iPads all updated without any problems.  It just worked.   I'm not saying you didn't have problems, but ... mine all worked as advertised.  So your poll has no useful answer/choice for me.
 Why would someone object to learning how life on the world we live on works?
Back it up to a computer using iTunes ... then, when you get the new phone, "Restore" it from that backup file.
 No you didn't!... your model would still shut off my phone while on a bus/train/plane/car even when I'm merely a passenger.   Carplay:  1.  It would require a separate screen and carplay plug/receiver at every seat (standing?) on a bus/train/plane.  - 2.  Adoption has been slow at best... there are only a handful of car models (literally... count your fingers) where it's available now... most manufacturers are still touting several years downtime road before widespread...
So.... If I'm a passenger riding the bus, I can't text? If I'm a passenger riding a train, I can't text? If I'm a passenger on a ferry boat, I can't text? If I'm a passenger on an airplane, I can't text? If I'm a passenger in a limousine, I can't text? When I'm riding the Super Shuttle from my house to the airport, I can't text?   Your idea, while well-intentioned, is poorly thought out.
New Posts  All Forums: