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The camera doesn't squash the image ... your App is doing that.  You need to let the developer know. (Although, it's hard to imagine they missed something like that.)
 I do, and Flash still works (when I click on it) the way it's supposed to ...I also tried turing C2F off, and Flash then still plays as expected.
I'm also running OSX 10.8.4 and Flash 11.8.800.168 On Safari and Firefox, everything works just fine for me.   The problem must be a conflict with something else you have installed on your system that's not on mine.  Sorry I can't be of more help, just thought it could be useful to know that those versions ARE compatible.
It's the same pricing level they've been using for years now.  How is that bad?... They've made a tone of money at those levels which they are able to pour back into R & D (or share with people like myself that hold a lot of APPL stock. ;) )   Apple DOES NOT MAKE cheap products... you need to buy a different brand if that's what you want. Even from Day one with the original Macintosh, It was NOT the cheapest computer available. In fact it was (as now) one of the more...
Analysts are analysts because they don't know enough to actually RUN a business. Tim C. seems to be fairly adept at running his business and I doubt he cares much what "analysts" say... It's likely that he judges the success of his business by how profitable it is. (And it's second only to the oil industry in profitability.)
I'm sure it's a legitimate problem for some, but you were so concerned about the lack of response that you bumped your thread, so I thought I'd offer just one possible explanation for why you got no response.
No, but I've been using an iPhone 4S for almost two years now, and the volume has never "self adjusted".
I won't say you're right or wrong, but...   If you could do it so much better, then why aren't YOU running a 500 billion dollar tech company?  Go ahead and implement your ideas and show us how your plan is better than Apple's. We've seen that you can talk big...
You don't want to "save" it ... somewhere in the iMovie menus, you should have an option to "Export" the movie you've created ... do that. You'll then get options for how you want it formatted, and where to save it, etc... you'll then end up with a new file wherever you told it to save it that will be a video file (probably mp4) ... single file of the full length project.
He's running OS9, he doesn't have a lot of choice.But I'd agree that you out to try to find an instal disc for OSX Panther. (Assuming you're using a G3 or G4 iMac.)
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