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While it's NOT Apple's problem... the "switch" CAN exist (and DOES in other browsers).
 If you mean Safari for OSX... well... sure it works without Flash.  Install "Click-2-Flash"... it forces websites to load the HTML5 (h264) version of videos instead of the Falsh (flv) version... (granted, there are still a few hold-outs that refuse to offer alternative formats, but they are few and getting fewer.)(The sites could also make HTML5 the default instead of Flash ... then you wouldn't need "Click-2-Flash" to force it.)
It IS possible ... there are 3rd party browsers (for iOS) that have this functionality.  It a software setting that causes the browser to identify itself as a desktop version.   No, TS... it's not a physical switch, it's a setting within the software ... for individual browsers... but Apple could, as easily, have a setting to give the same ability to Safari.
I agree with TS's premise ... however... It would be much easier for Apple to put the "switch" in it's Safari prefs than convincing 62,493 different website designers to re-work their html.
Oh, I don't mind the fat people flying. I just think they should be required to pay for two gnikcuf seats! (...or 3 if that's how many they need.)
 Yes, more fuel can be saved via favorable winds, but fuel is burned to move mass around the world... even replacing 80 lbs worth of paper with 4 lbs worth of iPad creates SOME savings ... not much per flight, but considering an airline operates thousands of flights per day, it adds up over time.  (That said... it's a stupid reason to switch... if efficiency is the goal, there are much larger targets in an airlines overall operation to save both operational expense and/or...
still a few old-timers around
I don't think it's a buyout... I'd guess the discussions centered more around a marketing idea.  Selling (perhaps "special versions") Beats merchandise in Apple Stores; or perhaps some special deal similar to the Red campaign...  It could be any number of things besides a buyout.   That's my opinion simply because I don't see where the two companies would fit together better than as separate entities.  But of course it's possible that Dr Dre and Mr Timmy have some...
I'd bet you can find some OTHER place that can/will replace just the screen for you ... for a much  more reasonable price. That's certainly the case here in the U.S. ... in large cities there are people that make it their business to do such repairs on all sorts of phones.
 mm767 cap got it right ... the WiFi signal and the planes "local network" will be available for free... you will have to pay to access the internet. That said, good luck finding an airplane that has it installed and working. The largest/newest fleet United has is the 737 (or the newest additions: 787) ... suspiciously absent from that list.
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