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There's not a central place to do this anymore (but the advantage is that it allows you to use a different ID for each of those services.) The location isn't even the same within each app (to change that setting.)   You'll need to find the location in each app (or it's settings page) to remove/logout/change it's ID ... then re-log-in using the new ID.   If that STILL doesn't work, you might try restoring the phone...    At this point millions of people have already...
 See... now you're just making shit up.
 Have any facts or examples to back that statment up? ... or are you just making up crap as it suits you?
 Good luck finding one in the U.S. ! (USAirways is out. So's United and American... You've ruled out Delta... Virgin America pilots are a bit perturbed at management right now... ) I haven't spoken with pilots from Alaska Airines or Jet Blue recently... maybe they will work for you. Of course, If you're flying domestically, then the odds are that you're actually flying on something like Skywest anyhow, which is AAA-ball at best. ;)
Scratches are not the same as peeling paint.   Isn't there a way to calibrate the level?
 The short answer is "No".  
  Um, that same control IS available to IT departments with iPads.Our corporate-issued iPads are extremely limited ... cannot use App-Store or add any apps to it, has proprietary apps loaded... corporate can access the iPad and wipe it anytime it is connected to the internet... among other things.  Not because there's anything different about the hardware or OS, but because corporate IT CAN configure them with these restrictions.(Sure, I could restore it and regain a...
 1> ... MS based tablets have also been through that process.. not the Surface2, but there are several windows-based products that were never really available at the consumer level that were used in Airlines. 2> ... Related to #1... EVERY bit of software they need is ALREADY available for Windows OS.  They've been around for years.  That is a non-issue. 3> ... In the heavily regulated industries , like airlines, a single-vendor solution is actually much easier to manage...
 They already have ... every pilot in the airline has been issued a company iPad (a year ago.)
I don't know the source of your problem, but it is NOT the number of connected devices.
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