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cool ! ... thanks for the write-up ... I'd almost LIKE for my HDD to fail so I'd have an excuse to do that to my iMac. ;)    (I can't recall the last time I actually used the DVD drive)
failed math in 1st grade?   126/7=18
Are you talking about the device in his hand?... or the one on the screen?   On screen is just a 5s (or 5 ?) ... they're zoomed on so that the top and bottom of the phone are cropped out of the picture... that's why it "appears" to be different.. you just can't see the top with the slit, or the bottom with the home button.
 ...and how did it run?  Did it have problems?
 It was worth clicking into this thread just for that.
Run the Mini's (do some stuff with them) withOUT the external drive connected.  Do they exhibit the bad behavior in that configuration? If they misbehave withOUT the external drive connected, then you can infer that the external drive is not the problem.   If they run fine without the external drive, and then misbehave again when you connect the external drive (or shortly after you try to use the external drive), it's likely that the external drive has some failings...
While it's NOT Apple's problem... the "switch" CAN exist (and DOES in other browsers).
 If you mean Safari for OSX... well... sure it works without Flash.  Install "Click-2-Flash"... it forces websites to load the HTML5 (h264) version of videos instead of the Falsh (flv) version... (granted, there are still a few hold-outs that refuse to offer alternative formats, but they are few and getting fewer.)(The sites could also make HTML5 the default instead of Flash ... then you wouldn't need "Click-2-Flash" to force it.)
It IS possible ... there are 3rd party browsers (for iOS) that have this functionality.  It a software setting that causes the browser to identify itself as a desktop version.   No, TS... it's not a physical switch, it's a setting within the software ... for individual browsers... but Apple could, as easily, have a setting to give the same ability to Safari.
I agree with TS's premise ... however... It would be much easier for Apple to put the "switch" in it's Safari prefs than convincing 62,493 different website designers to re-work their html.
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