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Kinda misleading.... It doesn't crash the OS, just the app you're using at the time... A big difference. (But still a bug.)
or... how 'bout "Spymac" email and cloud storage.
Apple could have easily put a retina display and more into an iPad mini long ago... But people don't want an iPad that's heavier and/or has a 4 hour battery life ... Those folks can buy a Nexus. The non-bleeding-edge tech works (and is desired, judging by the sales figures) precisely because it is a good blend of all aspects... Including processor/screen/battery life/ease of use/etc. iPad and iOS is apparently what MOST people DO want.
I'll also say "No", if another opinion matters to you. I've never run any sort of anti-viral or maintenance software on a Mac (since 1986) and don't feel I've ever lost performance because of it.
well... your back up drive will need to have at least as much free space as you have used space on the drive you want to back up.   ...wouldn't you think?   The back-up drive will need MORE space than the amount your backing up if you wish to have multiple/archived backups like Time Machine provides.
Rather a matter of personal opinion ... you realize that people other than yourself MIGHT have different tastes and opinions, right ???    Personally, none of those icons strike me as much different from what's on my iPhone now (granted, i'm not familiar with iOS7)... In fact many (Gmail, YouTube, Dropbox, TuneIn, Flipboard, Clock...) seem nearly IDENTICAL to their current iOS icons.
They're the same thing except for different size. What are you looking for?
After reading the "headline", I was really expecting to find a link to an article on The Onion. :)
Well... check Apple Dev Support site and find out if it's a known issue with this release. It's beta software, after all... if it's not an issue, then as a developer, Apple's kinda hoping you'll submit a bug report! ... that's the point of making beta software available to developers.   If you're NOT a developer, and you're running a beta OS on a device you want to have working normally, then you're a few cans short of a six-pack.
just use this thread ... what do you want people to know?
New Posts  All Forums: