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 True, but it (fanaticism) does all fit the quote as being dangerous... it has the same potential to become power-hungry or deadly or whatever. (not all danger is equal either)
Well that doesn't really refute my statement, does it?   As i said... in the case of that book, where the wrote was mined, he was certainly writing about Islam (accurately).  But he was careful to write that it was islam's FANATICISM that was comparable to a rabid dog... not merely the religion itself.  And fanaticism (the trait comparable to a rabid dog) can certainly be found elsewhere, among followers of other ideas besides islam.)   That same fanatical frenzy can...
So it would seem Churchill was comparing fanaticism of ANY sort to a rabid dog ... that would apply to ANY religion, not just Islam.   In this case he was expounding on Islam, but he was careful to word the phrase such that it clearly indicated Islam was not the ONLY idea worthy of this comparison.
 Well... since he was PM during WW2, and that's around the time most of his famous "quotes" originated... It'd be less than a century.
B.S. ... a matter of opinion.Audi's plan to support BOTH systems is definitely the way to go.I'd own a car for 15+ years... but could easily decide to switch phone platforms in that time.
It's part of running Beta software ... not all pieces are there in every release ... stuff is added/removed as Apple sees fit as they work on various aspects ... you Beta testers get to "test" whatever they have included while they "fix" the stuff that was removed.   Or it could be that the BD drivers work just fine, but they are not including it in Beta versions to avoid paying licensing fees for that code that doesn't NEED to be tested.  (I'm just speculating ... I...
No need to "stand corrected" ... your post was still correct and I agree with you.  I was just thinking that the quote of Maestro64's was taken too literally... I read it as sarcasm, thinking he'd likely agree with us.
(I THINK Maestro64 was being sarcastic ... I could be wrong.)The fact that Hatchette could go to Apple and sell their books through iBooks is exactly how the free market is supposed to work.  Amazon is free to set their terms for providing distribution... and publishers are free to NOT use Amazon if they feel Amazon is being too onerous.  Most publishers are willing to accept these terms, though, because they feel it is easier/cheaper than building their own digital...
cool ! ... thanks for the write-up ... I'd almost LIKE for my HDD to fail so I'd have an excuse to do that to my iMac. ;)    (I can't recall the last time I actually used the DVD drive)
failed math in 1st grade?   126/7=18
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