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 because that is EXACTLY how maintenance gets done on a Boeing 737! ;)
 While that may be true, most of them "order you around" because they risk getting fired if they don't.  Their JOB is to make the passengers obey government mandates (such as having electronic devices turned off during take-off and landing.)  If they are seen NOT enforcing this by the FAA, the airline gets fined.  (and yes, the FAA DOES occasionally send folks out "under cover" to just observe how the airlines do what they are supposed to do.)When the airline gets fined...
 Paper manuals vs. iPad has no effect on the quality of the maintenance or airplane safety whatsoever.
  How so? (maintenance manuals are not carried on the airplane, so they don't add weight and increase fuel burn, like navigation charts are supposed to do.)
I can only offer you my experience... I used an iPhone 4s for a few days with iOS7 and battery life was no different than iOS6... even with loc services and wifi and BT turned on all the time I noticed no difference. I'm now using a 5s and with everything turned on, it easily lasts all day with what I consider moderate use... with most of the internet use being done over LTE.   I would say that if you're having to charge once or twice a day, then either something is...
...methinks there's more to this story than we've been told. (or less)
Nobody suggested it did.
You can't Graham, TS was being a dick. iMessage IS great, but it only works with your friends that also have iPhones... I also call lots of people that use non-Apple hardware. (I get the impression that TS would shun those folks!) ;)
I'm running it on an iPad (3rd iteration... the first retina iPad) and I can't tell any difference in "snappiness" from iOS6 ... just as responsive.
You can email Apple to your hearts content, but I don't see that affecting how they decide to design their products/software. (by the way... How's Penny?)
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