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 Or "Click2Flash".
 ...there's a very remote possibility that it CAN (by overheating), but it's highly UNlikely. I'd recommend you continue visiting the site, as I'm not sure I want you reproducing! ;) (Hard to come to a definitive position on that, however, based on this one thread.)
Excessive heat can cause deterioration of some of the electronics in your computers. That's why they have big heat-sinks and fans to keep them at a reasonable temperature.   However, Heat-realated damage does NOT corrupt the OS.  Based on what you wrote in your OP, heat was not the cause of your machine's demise.   But the machines are designed to be used ... and to run at certain temps... if you routinely run your MBP hard while it's sitting on a pillow that...
Agreed ... he should check that! (I know my kids almost NEVER use their "phone" for voice-calls ... :) )
Almost seems as if it thinks the headphone jack is still plugged in ... it's trying to listen through the headset mic rather than the built-in mic.  It shouldn't happen when the headset isn't plugged in... could something have gotten into the headset socket that is disturbing the contacts in there?
 Nothing's 100% ... but...Don't leave the charger plugged in ALL the time, and don't let the battery sit near zero-charge for extended periods. As the battery ages, internal components can deteriorate... can release some gas in the process... during use of the battery, and especially during charging, heat can build up, the gas expands, in rare cases enough to overcome the structural integrity of the casing.
It's an internal failure of the battery ... not a common failure mode (at least not to that extent) but also not exactly rare. It would require a lengthy (by forum standards) dissertation on chemistry to really explain it, but the short version is:   It's a "normal" age related failure, but expansion to that degree is rare.  It's not likely to happen to that extent again, but battery failure can be expected after several years (hard to be precise, because it depends on...
 Yes.  You just need to make sure the carrier you choose uses frequency spectrum supported in the iPhone (pretty much ANY GSM carrier in the US.)
WHY do people like this duck guy get so bent out of shape over this? How does someone ELSE being LGBT have any impact on HIS life whatsoever?   ​Even for those with a  religious response, why does everyone ELSE have to modify their behavior to suit YOUR religion?... Should we also recognize every fatwah issued by any imam as enforceable law?  Should the teachings of Buddah be made law? ​Zealots need to consider if they REALLY want religious ideas to be made into...
I get where you're coming from!   And the "Pro" model should be about raw power, not about power per watt (that's more of an iMac metric... certainly a MacBook metric.)   But you'll also see additional improvement from external drives... using solid state drives via thunderbolt should give noticeably faster data access.
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