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I've got an old (C2D - OSX 10.7.5) mini that starts in about 40 seconds. (from pushing the switch to a useable computer) I can't imagine the new ones would be any slower... (though I'd really recommend an SSD internal and an external drive for media... my MBAir w/ SSD boots in about 15 seconds and App launches are nearly instantaneous.)
No need to move the "Books" library at all!... leave it in iTunes, leave the ability to edit Metadata. iTunes is used for syncing stuff across devices anyhow... just have iBooks be the READER app for the desktop ... it could as easily find the books from within iTunes' folder, leaving them on whatever drive you choose (through iTunes) to store your media.
No... iBooks REMOVES your books from iTunes management software ... iTunes still syncs them to devices, but it no longer has access to the books to add/change metadata and such. (and iBooks also has no ability to do that.)
 I see you decided to just make stuff up, since you have no actual knowledge about it. I never said it wouldn't work fine for YOU... just related my own experience with it.  I know what the problem is, and the cellular network works much better IN MY CASE.  For me, iMessage is unusable... "Sucks" seemed to be an adequate descriptor.
  His problem wasn't with syncing ... it was that the transition from iTunes to iBooks lost his "books" (or so I understood it.) As for reading what the new stuff does ... NOWHERE did Apple tell us that iBooks would completely re-name files (to gibberish) and strip any meta-data that we had added to non-iBooks-store material that we had in our iTunes Books library. iBooks works fine as a reader for iTunes-purchased books... but it really is half-assed as a replacement for...
I will go on record saying that iMessage SUCKS.   Using cellular texting, speed and reliability seems to be very near 100%. If I turn on iMessage, then speed goes from near-instantaneous to several minutes for a text to arrive at its destination.  Assuming it arrives at all... among the six phones on my family plan, iMessage has a reliability of maybe 80%... meaning 20% of texts never even made it to the destination!  Needless to say, I've turned iMessage OFF on all of...
If his iPad is NOT cellular, then the only way it can be "located" is if it is on a WiFi network that is contained in whatever location database(s) Apple uses for this.  Most personal WiFi networks will NOT be included in such a database ... so seeing it as "online" but "unable to locate" is not that unusual.
If you bought a Mac, then you did BUY this software ... Apple's accounting methods support that statement.
you can't log into iCloud from Safari on iOS ... but perhaps with a different browser? ... I haven't tried it, so it might not work... but try a different browser and see if you can log in. (I think Dolphin is free if you need to find one real quick... i also think Chrome might be available for iOS.)
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