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Search "carplay" on Apple's site.   Then you'll have as much information as anybody else.   Anything else is baseless speculation ... Apple just doesn't tell much until they're (almost) ready to deliver.
MU... purchased at ~ $6 a couple years ago. :)
sandboxing ... to oversimplify it, the OS is designed so that all running apps are allotted a "space" to run in, and get copies of any system resources they need... they don't share the "space" or their "copy" of the resources with any other running app... it's designed to avoid conflicts between running apps, and also provides a measure of security, in that one app can't "affect" any other app without going through the OS and it's security controls. (Without sandboxing,...
they were listed as becoming available in 2014 ... so my guess is it won't be available till the 2015 models arrive in the fall.
That is exactly WHY they made 13B in profit in one quarter and have 150B in "cash on hand". That is where the money to acquire other businesses/patents comes from. That is where money for R&D comes from (and they spend a HUGE amount on R&D). Apple is arguably the most successful business on the planet right now, and you think they should change their strategy?!?!?
 I prefer the older 5-1/4" ones myself... I like that they came in that protective sheath.
You should take the time you're spending bitching on here, and instead, take the damn phones back and get them refunded. Why you haven't already done that seems to confuse everyone else on here.   (It's cold, I'm bored... this IS my hobby ;) )
This entire thread seems to be a lesson in "how to feed a troll".
 Nope.Apple dropped Siri's "beta" tag with iOS7.
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