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YOU do not speak for "ALL" of us.
 It does ... 
 Do you have an IRA or 401k account? ... contributions to those are PRECISELY "delaying" paying taxes on personal income!
unplug the RAID and do it again.   My iMac with a mirrored RAID setup did something similar ... I unplugged the RAID and it finished the upgrade and ran fine.  But whenever I'd plug that (USB3 drives on a USB2 iMac) RAID array into the iMac, it would crash. (whether after or during startup)   Something in Mavericks doesn't like having my USB RAID array plugged in.   I fixed it by getting a thunderbolt dual-drive and copied the old USB RAID to it ... Mav works fine on...
I can't help but wonder what 3rd party PrefPane/Extensions/Apps you have installed that has somehow caused this.   I would expect that if it was actually a Mavericks problem, then EVERYone (rather than a tiny sampling) would have this problem.   Now, that said, I DO think an OS should be able to accommodate old/poorly written software ... If an update is going to cause something to break, it should be the 3rd party stuff that breaks, not the OS. (admittedly harder to...
FYI, trackpad tapping is working just fine for me with Mavericks.   Have you tried changing the Preferences setting for it, then changing it back? ... MAYBE that'll re-set the thing.
dare I ask?:   What, exactly, is "la-la land"?  Are you being forwarded to www.lalaland.com?... is Safari crashing?... is the entire machine hanging?... are you entering a transcendental state?    I'm just curious what the problems actually are that I should be wary of when I upgrade.
Better specs than the MBAir? ... wouldn't that also make it MORE expensive than the MBAir? ... so the MBAir would STILL be the only $999 option.
  How's that ???  
There's not a central place to do this anymore (but the advantage is that it allows you to use a different ID for each of those services.) The location isn't even the same within each app (to change that setting.)   You'll need to find the location in each app (or it's settings page) to remove/logout/change it's ID ... then re-log-in using the new ID.   If that STILL doesn't work, you might try restoring the phone...    At this point millions of people have already...
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