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Love the PI... don't know if I'd want to LIVE there, but I've never not enjoyed my visits.
Warm. Because that's just what I prefer.  I don't like being cold. I've lived for years in both climates. I just prefer the warm ones.
 A "drop" of more than 10 feet ?? (for us Brits and Americans) ... that seems a bit absurd. ;)
No... part of the increase in share price is due to the buy-back... fewer shares outstanding means each share is worth a little more.Stock buybacks act kinda like a reverse split to the remaining shares.  So you're idea of a $700B "real" value doesn't really wash.
ah... form over function!   but yes, it would work.  (though you'll find running the OS in a virtual environment is a bit less responsive.  Not unusably so, but noticeable.)
Read some books. Many since fiction writers have covered these ideas... makes for some interesting recreational reading. Try "Moonwar" (actually became a series of 3 or 4 books) by Ben Bova to get you started. Kim Stanley Robinson also wrote a series starting with "Red Mars" that covers many of the same ideas.
hmm... works fine for me as-is ... perhaps I'm just more coordinated than you. ;)
ON your Mac, go to Messages > Preferences > Accounts ... elect the account and then click "sign out".  Now your messages will not get sent to that Mac.
One thing these sales figures DO show us: Many people wanted larger screens, but they wanted iOS more than they wanted the larger screen.   If larger screens were the only thing they wanted, the big-screen android variants would have been out-selling iOS phones.  People were willing to give up the big screen before they would give up iOS.    The hardware in Apple's devices can certainly be replicated by any manufacturer... it's iOS that differentiates them.
The whole point of the SIM was that you could switch networks (presumably while traveling) without having to obtain a new sim... you could do it from the lounge at the airport (or wherever you happen to be)... not have to go find a brick-and-mortar store for the carrier you wish to use and swap SIMs.  ATT is defeating the entire purpose of the SIM card.   It was supposed to turn carrier-switching into a software (and payment, of course) issue that could be done...
New Posts  All Forums: