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Well.... you wanted to remove the DRM, so you now have to download a new version of each of those files... makes perfect sense.   Assuming they had mentioned all this in the "fine print", would you have bothered to read it anyway?   I certainly understand the desire/need to vent... but... nothing has really gone "wrong"... you just elected to upgrade your song files to non-DRM versions so that you could play them in your truck.  That upgrade naturally involves...
I'm fairly certain that 802.11n is already faster than your internet connection.
I'm all for switching to a Mac ... but... at 85? Just make sure he understands there will be a bit of a learning curve associated with this.   I also like the idea of using a Mini (or laptop) with a standalone screen so that you can bump the resolution down and make the interface MUCH easier to read if his eyesight is not what it used to be!
Then just keep using iPhoto or Aperture. It's still on the computer and still fully functional (unless YOU deleted it)...
Having also been with "iCloud" since ".mac", I can say that I've not experienced any problems... I sync between 3 computers, 2 phones, and 3 iPads without any hiccups. (plus use the family-sharing feature with 4 other phones.)  I don't generally use web-based mail since there's a client/app on all those devices, but the few times I have used it, it works fine.   I'm not saying your problems aren't real, but they don't seem to be common to all of iCloud.  In fact, they...
It sounds like someone wanted a Phantom for xmas, but his mom got him a "mall-kiosk-copter" instead, and now he's bitter. ;)   They're not THAT hard to fly.   Should people stop buying MacbookPros because they can't create a feature film "right out of the box" without previous experience?
...not of a "disaster", no.
  huh ???
what would be the point? ... if, at a normal viewing range, you can't differentiate such a (expensive and power hungry) screen, then why bother putting it in place just to quote spectacular specs? I DO love dense screens... not seeing pixels is great... but on a 4.7" screen, 1080p is just overkill.  I'd rather not waste battery power on visibly indiscernible pixels.
Car-makers just move much slower... it takes a minimum of 5 years to design a "new" car and get it into production... and the way cars are designed these days, adding functionality like CarPlay can't just be slapped on to existing systems (not easily, anyway.) I wouldn't expect to see it in many new cars for a couple years yet ... and even then, it'll probably be a poor implementation.   It's a shame too... I'd love to be able to buy a car and have all the...
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