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I don't see Apple building a car.  I could, rather, see Apple partnering with Tesla in some fashion.  
No... but it will need to be in range of your iPhone (BT? WiFi?) to make a call... (If I understand how things will work... I'm under the impression that the watch itself is NOT a phone.)
what's the name of the app?
...because AI doesn't have control over the ads fed on the right side? (short of getting rid of them and charging a subscription to the site)   Click2Flash disables the flash ads... no racing fans on my MBA.
  I was working in the same industry.  Carl praised TWA and talked about what a great and progressive company they were.  Until he got control.  At that point he systematically disassembled the company, funneling TWA's money into his own pockets.  He took the worlds premier airline (that happened, at the time, to have very low debt and lots of cash) and turned it into a piece of crap. (yes... that was a direct result of his "leadership".)He has done nothing in the meantime...
   He doesn't want to share his messages.  But he and his wife share the same User Account on the Mac (I do the same in my house ... we both use the same iPhoto, iBank, iTunes, etc...)...I believe he's thinking it would be nice to be able to keep using the same shared user account on the iMac, but somehow be able to tell it which person/phone number is sitting in front of it at a particular time for the purposes of the continuity features. (being able to answer the phone...
 Well then, congrats to me (and every other Suddenlink subscriber.) ... about 2-3 months ago Suddenlink did exactly that ... doubled everyone's speed without any price increase (and without even having to ask for it.)  ... we just recieved an email from them one day explaining the speed increase and that there would not be a cost increase.  It's still not the fastest service in the nation, but it's the ONLY choice I have... there's no competition in my neighborhood.
Only if you sign into the Mac under different user accounts ... one user account on the Mac for you, one user account on the Mac for your spouse.  If you both use the Mac under the same user acount (I'm in that same boat), then no, I don' tknow of a way for continuity to work properly with multiple iCloud accounts on a single desktop user account.   (What I'm getting at is that you and your spouse would need to have separate user accounts set up on the Mac... where you...
iMessage does work on all phones (in a roundabout way)... if the person you're sending a text to doesn't have iOS/OSX then it will send it as SMS rather than iMessage... I suppose that doesn't help if your destination doesn't have SMS texting enabled on their phone... but... that's the luddite's limitation, not yours. (and the reverse is true... someone using Android (or the person using WinMo) can send you a text via SMS, iMessage receives through the SMS channel...
 Yes.While others have mentioned that Apple does heavily customize their batteries (mostly shape... to fit the maximum amount of battery into a custom shape/space) ... that's all they do (as far as we know ;) )I think revenant was trying to say that they need (maybe they are) to devote vast amounts of R&D into improving the underlying technology inside the batteries.  Perhaps figure out how to create Asimov's fictional "nucleics". :)
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