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dunno ... i was here before i was there... i'm still here, but I haven't checked on there in years.
i see second chances around here all the time ... but i've also seen people say the same stupid stuff AGAIN, and end up gone.
 But it IS Islam.  That is what drives these people. (at least in their public discourse.)Sure, it may be an excuse for someone that just WANTS to be an ass, but it still falls to Islam to provide them with a means and excuse.(The same thing was done with Christianity during the Inquisition and Crusades... and with Judaism during the Bronze age of the old testament.)(...that could even apply today with the likes of Westboro and others... they just don't carry it quite as...
I'd say this site is a bit more liberal... however... you'll still get axed if you're a consistent ass.
Whichever senators are paid enough by the PAC representing some anti-Samsung folks will be the one's to make that demand. ;)...Or... whichever senators think such a public "demand" would benefit their re-election....in short... they'll only do ANYthing if they think it will benefit their power-base... otherwise they'll just continue with their circle-jerk.
You say potato, I say potato. Say apple as a whole is worth 100 ... and there are 100 shares outstanding... each share is worth 1.Now apple buys back 50 of those outstanding shares ... everyone that still holds now has shares worth 2 without anything about the company changing. So you still have increased your net worth... just in share value rather than in a dividend payout. You could spend all day crunching numbers and say one is better than the other, but in the broader...
Yeah, they've been selling them in their stores since day1 ... the problem has been that every shipment seems to sell out within minutes of arrival...    They can only be manufactured so fast ... if they had stock-piled them for months ahead of time people would bitch about the fact that they had phones and weren't selling them.  Get over it.  You don't need a new phone so bad that you can't wait 4 weeks (or whatever amount of time it takes.)
If you're asking if there are actual "standard ports" for USB on the inside of the mac (that you could plug a cable end into) then the answer is NO.   Of course there are places in there where a person with some soldering skill and know-how could find a proper power source... but... you risk your entire computer if you screw something up. (I know... many years ago i ruined an SE/30 trying to jury rig something internally :) )   That said... I'm not even certain that...
if you have that external configured as a bootable volume, then yes, you could install Yosemite on it and it would be a viable bootable backup.
... and the "instant hotspot" feature has been working quite nicely already between iOS devices... I was a bit startled when I first noticed I could turn on my phone's hotspot from a DIFFERENT device... (was thinking other people would be able to do it)... until i researched and figured out it was only available to other devices using the same iCloud account...  looking forward to getting the MBA on board with that!
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