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 I did (read it) ... and you're right... it wasn't a blatantly pro-Samsung article.  It was, however, full of unsubstantiated speculation and conjecture regarding Apple.  Not that that's anything new... it is the state of "reporting" in ALL areas of our media these days (politics, tech, science, pop-culture)... NO media outlets seem to be able to report "news" without adding opinion and conjecture as if it were also relevant outside the op-ed "page".
  The 5S and 5C will only do Pay if paired with an Apple Watch.
rear input? No Thanks.   I doubt Apple would even consider it since they KNOW that MOST iPads live in a case that would render rear input unusable anyway.
As expected, the Apple stores around here won't say a thing about when they expect to get stock, only that "we don't have any now".   Every ATT store and BestBuy in the area (that I've talked to) tells me they don't expect any 6+ in stock before November... and stress that they're also just guessing... Apple doesn't seem to be telling THEM anything either.
All hail Marvin!   Good find. I'd never heard of that "option".
 Nobody on here knows... You'll have to ask the Apple store. With an expired warranty, they certainly COULD charge you, but there's no law that says they MUST. Call 'em, set up an appointment, and take it in... they might just have a quick/easy way of forcing it to restore at the "genius" bar.
Now... I really haven't ordered it yet... I couldn't be bothered to be up at 2 AM to pre-orer, so I'll wait till they're available in store.   The other point is, I could care less what color the back of it is ... but I want a black face on it... that means space-grey is the only choice for me.  I'd be fine with gold or silver if they had a black face. (I just find it less distracting when watching movies or playing games... the black bezels just seem blend into the...
P.S. ... (per the poll) the only reason a 4" iP6 would be "popular" is because it would be cheaper.
I believe the driving force here (well... limiting force, in this case) is battery technology.  More powerful chips (even though insanely efficient) and more radios running more often on our data- and connection-hungry phones means a huge battery requirement.  If Apple had an iPhone6 in a 4" size, I wonder if the battery life wouldn't be WORSE than previous models.     I have no doubt Apple is aggressively pursuing new or battery battery technology, but until something...
hmm... dunno then... test it out... you've got nothing to loose but 40 days.
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