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I would GUESS that what T-Mo is telling you is BS.  I doubt there's a "temporarily" locked version, they just want you to buy their service (since they don't really make much (if any) money just selling you the piece of hardware).   (unless T-MO has some way of locking it after THEY get it... I would guess that what Apple ships to T-Mo is UNlocked when it leaves China.)
 You just negated your own argument. "Guns", in this case, are no different than the encrypted data... they can do nothing on their own, they are neither dangerous nor benevolent.  It takes action by a person.  It is merely a tool that a criminal (or idiot) can cause to be dangerous ... while the vast majority of Guns" (like the vast majority of encrypted data) are tools put to good use or used for protection from criminals. (The way the encryption prevents criminals from...
Still... the amount of force necessary to bend that thing hardly falls within "normal use".
I was under the impression that the verification took place at the beginning of the install process... you should be fine.
Yeah.. i watched that...   He used a hell of a lot of force to get that thing to bend.   It fit's fine in MY front pants pockets.   RORWessels obviously has no understanding of physics.
I could see the streaming service surviving ... they'll just call it "iTunes" rather than "Beats".   In other words, they'll shut down the "Beats" brand (at least for streaming... may keep it on the headphones) and roll the actual streaming service into "iTunes".   speculation is fun.
 As mentioned above, you could use a single ID for iTunes (so you can share purchased apps, songs and video), but each have different ID's for iCloud, and yet another (if you desire) for FaceTime. 
 That's it exactly. (and yet different accounts for FaceTime if you desire)
Chrome's not evil, but it is Google.  Google finances all it's "free" stuff by ad revenue.  It wasn't malicious software feeding you ads, it was Google feeding you ads. If you don't like it, don't use their free "stuff".   As for the "freezing" issue; it's hard to say.  More important than the fact that Safari was running, (and really, that's not the cause if it was doing it with Chrome as well, even if less often,) we need to know what Safari was DOING when it froze...
 The 4s  was actually quite a bit different internally.  They looked and functioned the same, but the 4s had a MUCH better CPU/GPU inside it... likely the reason it could support iOS8 and the 4 couldn't (at least not by Apple's standards... of course it COULD have run on the -4, but the experience would not have been what Apple wanted of the device/OS.) .. much the same way that OSX Yosemite won't be able to run on a Macintosh SE/30
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