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I'm sure they do, but you'd have to talk to Apple to find out how to qualify. (...and as it's charity, they are free to arbitrarily pick what organizations they may wish to donate to.)
 Only the SPECULATORS were getting bashed ... INVESTORS have been doing quite well via Apple...  I have shares purchased for $60 and they did just fine in 2013. :)Even the majority that were purchased at $130 have been "up" for years now ... AND generating dividends (recently).
CPU? ...Not possible at all.   RAM? ... easy! There's a panel under the bottom edge... a screw or two to remove it, and the RAM is located in there... search on Apple Support for the specific directions for your specific model (as well as how much RAM it will support)... but you should be able to install 2x2GB at least. (Though some older models were only able to address 3GB in that configuration.)
unnecessary?... not at all. It was the law... the flight attendants faced fines or firing if they were caught NOT enforcing the rules (they are federal rules, not airline rules.) B.S. ?  ... most definitely.
 Yeah ... my bad.  I guess I inferred (even though he didn't bring it up) that he was also one of these idiots that thinks he's gonna get cancer or be sterilized from cell-phone radiaton.
 1. Read the last paragraph of the original article. (At 10k feet you won't get a cellular signal from a normal tower anyway ... the altitude combined with attenuation inside the aluminum can is just too much for a cellular radio to get a signal.) 2. Stick with what you know... that analogy is just wrong.a. the frequency spectrum used by cellular phones does not create ionizing radiation ... it's harmless.b. in a bus or train loaded with cellphone users, how often do...
Part of a DJ's "schtick" is IMAGE. Macs are considered "cool" and "hip"... they'd rather have that glowing Apple logo visible on their table because it just looks cool... not because it can necessarily do something a Windows laptop can't.
You need to plug it into a computer with iTunes (with internet connection)... any will do, it doesn't HAVE to be yours.   No, you're not SUPPOSED to need a computer to update an iOS device, but when something goes wrong that will usually allow it to recover without going to an Apple Store.
It SHOULDN'T require it though (unless the update process got corrupted.) Since iOS6, the devices are supposed to be able to set-up and update without ever needing to be connected to a computer.  It would SEEM that your update got corrupted somehow to the point it can't boot properly, so it needs to plug into iTunes on a computer to be able to recover.
 Just download it ... I know it's a free download on iOS7 and OSX Mavericks ... not sure about older versions.(There's also the web-based beta if you have an AppleID.)
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