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 The apps themselves take up hardly any space, so why not install them by default? As for iBooks... While I use it almost exclusively on my iPad... with an iP6+ It'll be useable on the phone as well. I think most people will either want them, or not care, and so requiring the few people that DON'T want to delete it will be less annoying to the greater population. ;)
I don't know what's funnier... the original post, or the post-whore feeding the troll. (OK, not technically a "troll", but certainly a spammer.)     and yes... I see the pot/kettle comments coming and I'll accept that.
 Keep reading.
 Tallest Skil says fewer than 10% of the new phones sold will be plus-size... they're totally unusable.
ATT said the same thing about tethering ... then took more than 3 years to finally "allow" it.
Truth is, we're about to find out just how many people WANT a bigger iPhone.     Sure, they could have had a bigger phone for years already, but many were willing to sacrifice size for a better OS.  Now they finally have a choice with the superior (opinion) OS and we'll see how sell the 6+ sells.
How do you figure?Who did the survey?What was the sample size?Did the respondents actually get to hold the 6+ before answering? (or better yet, USE it for a bit.) I could as easily state that your opinion actually represents only 2.3% of the entire population of the earth... but... I'd just be pulling that number out of my ass, same as your 90% number. ;)
 I wasn't trying to imply guilt or innocence either way.  Merely stating that denying something doesn't NECESSARILY mean you're trying to hide what you're denying. We'll have to start a whole different thread if you want to get me started on an over-reaching government. ;)
Unuseable for TallestSkil, perhaps... and for others too, no doubt.  But his opinion does not count for EVERYone... I think he will soon see that there are more than enough people out there that find the 6+ size perfectly useable. I use my phone for reading as much as any other single task... the larger screen of the 6+ will be awesome for me, and still perfectly useable. 
 Patience.... it's a virtue.
New Posts  All Forums: