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 I'm not so sure.  It could be that the size of the audio jack doesn't matter... that the battery is what's now controlling size constraints.
 Except that the current share price takes into account how many shares are available to be traded. (hence, "total market cap" isn't really affected by how many shares are available.) Your inflation point is a good one though.
I don't feel the phone needs to be thinner at all (at this point) ... I'd rather keep the same thinness and have a better battery than to make it thinner (and sacrifice space for battery.) That being the case, there's no reason to ditch the "standard" headphone port.  The headphones are cheap and ubiquitous... almost disposable... any lightning-based headphones are going to be extremely expensive by comparison. That's not what I'm looking for in headphones... they tend to...
Yep.  Since day one.
I'm always amused when people are surprised that a BETA has bugs.   Why would you run a BETA of the OS on a computer that you need to have operational?...    (BTW: Apple will not respond to your "reports" ... they use them to fix the OS, but you'll not get a response.)
Both the Bible and the Koran are FULL of passages where "God" commands his followers to go to war and kill everything in their way.  Who's to say "God" isn't really still telling people to do that today???   If you believe the Bible or the Koran to be a true account of your God, then you have to accept the POSSIBILITY that that God still talks to some people, whether it's Osama Bin Laden, or Fred Phelps. Just because your God doesn't talk to YOU doesn't mean he isn't...
 Yeah... Lion is NOT Mavericks... and certainly not Yosemite... There's a reason your machine can't run the latest OS's.
So drop "Islamic" and just call it "Religious Terrorism".  Either one works. The fact is, the terrorists use religion (in this case Islam) as the justification for their actions.   Just saying "religious terrorism" would be accurate ... but specifying "Islamic terrorism" is MORE accurate.
 True, but it (fanaticism) does all fit the quote as being dangerous... it has the same potential to become power-hungry or deadly or whatever. (not all danger is equal either)
Well that doesn't really refute my statement, does it?   As i said... in the case of that book, where the wrote was mined, he was certainly writing about Islam (accurately).  But he was careful to write that it was islam's FANATICISM that was comparable to a rabid dog... not merely the religion itself.  And fanaticism (the trait comparable to a rabid dog) can certainly be found elsewhere, among followers of other ideas besides islam.)   That same fanatical frenzy can...
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