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If your contract is up, ATT will unlock the phone at no charge to you... definitely have that done, as it increases the value of the phone slightly. (and makes it easier to sell if you decide to do that in the future.)   But once you remove the sim (or even leave it in, but cancel service), the phone will still work perfectly, you just won't have access to ATT's service (phone calls, cellular texting, cellular data) ... EVERYTHING else will work just fine. But keep the...
 Yes ... but NOT with the 3GS.
"Non-profit" does not mean "no expenses" ... budget money for a computer. or... (and this is based on your chosen moniker)... just pray for a computer... doesn't God grant wishes offered in the form of prayer? (of course I'm assuming you'r God comes from the Bible... if your thinking of Odin, then I don't think he operates the same way.)
if all else fails, leave the ethernet plugged into the 20", then set it to share it's internet connection over wifi. (It will now act as a WiFi base station, and share the internet it gets over ethernet.) ... Now set the 24" to log onto that WiFi station you just created.  Now both Macs have internet access once again.
I think they should go completely retro and design a 10 pound bag phone that uses an analog signal network.  I sure miss that one.
good point, timgriff84...   People aren't really buying the iPhone, they're buying a piece of hardware that runs iOS ... the OS is what they're REALLY after... it's just icing on the cake that Apple makes really solid hardware to run it.
Why a barometer? Why a thermometer (do you really need to know the temperature inside your pocket? ... or how hot the phone is running, as the sensor will be skewed by the phone itself acting as a heat-sink for it's own operation.)   4K camera ? ... really?... you need 4K youtube videos???   smoke detector?!?! ... WTH  for???  I don't think I've ever been in a hotel or commercial building (and most non-commercial) that don't already have a detection/suppression system...
Go in to an ATT store and speak with someone ... they'll charge you the ETF, and then you can buy a new phone at contract price. Of course, they'll give you a hard sell on buying "insurance" or whatever they call it, considering your circumstances. :)   There's no way to switch "plans" though without losing your unlimited data.  ...and they'll probably try to talk you into doing just that.
 Or, better yet, re-install flash from the adobe .dmg (or however they deliver it) and get a brand new plug-in file installed.  Otherwise, you're just putting the same corrupted (apparently) file back into use.
 I did ...Ultra-thin margins are NOT the way to run a successful business long-term.It takes MONEY to do R&D and try hundreds of new things to get ONE thing that will work... that money comes from PROFITS ... those large margins and huge profits are what enables Apple to make such stellar products.Their products are not for everyone, but they're apparently not concerned about EVERYone. The same idea can be applied to ANY business. I could come up with several other...
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