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The hardware is fine. The softeware (eyeTV) is fine. The processing lag was annoying for me, but bearable. It's just not the same experience as a dedicated TV and cable/DirecTV DVR setup though.
I want to know where he got the 36GB version! Those things were only made in limited numbers and are huge collectors items now! He also says he got the 3G when it came out... And is only getting around to complaining about this 3 years later??? Then there's his writing "style".
Because, right or wrong, we live within the societies we create... and we have created various rules within those societies. I didn't mean to imply that it was morally correct... just that that's the way it is. Now... If you want to live in fantasy-land... then sure, you are the master of your own destiny!
We'll admit that "own" is an ambiguous word here... but... The answer depends on the laws governing the political entity of which you are a member.
OK then... HOW do you reduce the population ? And don't just tell me "birth control" ... that's been around for several generations and hasn't proven effective (at a macro-level). Too many people on this planet are still so superstitious they believe they have a divine mandate to "go forth and multiply" ... how do you get them to stop?... how do you get third-world countries to stop?... The list goes on and on ... are we to condone UN sanctioned murder in the name of...
That would only require killing off 85 percent of the present population ... piece of cake!
Most of those in the bottom bracket are not willing to work hard enough to move up to a wealthier bracket. They WANT to be wealthier, but they want it given to them, they don't want to earn it. (Based merely on several decades of personal observation and experience.)
Ahh... hope springs eternal...Alexander Pope, if I'm not mistaken.
I think countries in question have the opportunity to experience the type of freedom that the citizens of those countries want/desire. More likely, though, is that the individuals/factions that pick up the reigns of government will be little different from what was there before, and in just a few years (if not months) things will be more or less exactly the way they were a year ago. The folks that will "take power" are going to do it for personal/political gain... not...
How about a Sony section?... a Nokia section?... a Maytag section?... perhaps a Holden section would be good too! Suggesting a dedicated Android section on an APPLE themed board is absurd. Posting threads in the already appropriate topics that discuss Android (or others) in relation to their competition with Apple products is what's intended. It's AppleInsider for god's sake!
New Posts  All Forums: