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An option is to get a NAS drive. Many different brand/options available to choose from... If you've got the $$, you can get several TB worth of space. Another option is to get an AirPort Extreme (or other wireless router) with a USB port... you can simply plug a hub and your existing external drives into the AirPort and have them accessible via the network without a computer being turned on.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one! He must have learned that from CNN and FoxNews ... attention grabbing headline, followed by unrelated article. He wrote an interesting piece though ... everybody wants the "problem" fixed, but nobody wants to sacrifice anything to fix it.
Yes.The iPhone 5 will run Android. And on April 1st, the domain for this forum is going to change to "androidinsider.com". Please, that's exactly what you're doing.(fraking trolls)
Look for iPhone backup batteries. The ones built into a case won't work, but find one that just plugs into the dock connector... It should power the iPad just fine. I'd guess it would provide an hour or so of use since the larger screen will use noticeably more power than a phone... But just speculating on that.
Dare I ask who the others are? If I were to list 5 ... I'd have to go with:Burt RutanJimmy BuffettSteve JobsRichard BransonPaul Allen(in order of preference)
I wouldn't say he's "fine"... he has pancreatic cancer (perhaps in remission) and a liver transplant... both things that mean a person will never be "fine" for the rest of their life. However, we've seen nothing to indicate that the cancer is active again, or that he's having rejection issues... His visit to the Cancer clinic could very well have been a routine check-up... he'll be getting those for the rest of his life now. The fact that he took a leave is also indicative...
You can give them separate/different names.
Why would it have to be smaller??? When the iPhone 5 comes out, just keep the 3GS (preferable at 16GB) available as a $200 no contract or free with contract model ! I'd also like to be able to have an iPhone without a data plan (for my kids).
For iPhoto: Quit iPhoto, then just drag your iPhoto Library (by default it's in your "pictures" folder) into the new location on the external drive. Now re-start iPhoto while holding down the "Option" key. You'll be given the opportunity to select a new (choose "Other Library") library. Select that option and tell it where to find the "new" library. Each time you re-start iPhoto normally, it automatically goes to whichever library was used last. iTunes is not quite as...
Their annual report. (Not the summary version.)
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