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Capabilities like multi-tasking? ... capabilities like tethering? ... capabilities like "AirPlay? ?? I guess Apple has used software updates to enable hardware capabilities.... or maybe I'm imagining it. If Apple decides to push 1080 video, (and assuming the aTV can handle it to Apple's standards) then you can bet they'll "enable" the old hardware so that they can make $ from selling the 1080 content. I suppose it's possible that the A4 can't push 1080 and 5.1 to...
So when people don't understand something, they just say "oh... it's magic!" rather than putting forth some effort and energy to find out what's REALLY happening. ...and you're OK with that attitude?? Spreading that kind of mis-information (or even just that attitude) the way religions do is BAD for society as a whole... not just for the USA. It really does hold us back.
No... I completely got your point, but one can also come up with many examples where Apple HAS continued to offered free software updates for products that are "previous" generation. So your point was pointless.
Yeah... i was SOOO upset that the last several iPhone OS updates don't work on my 3GS. I guess they expected e to by a iP4 to get iOS 3. update: oh wait... they DO work on the (old) 3GS !
...and oddly enough (well, not surprising really) many of those divisions have their roots in "religion".
But they're not all the SAME religion!!! Perhaps our pledge should say "One nation, under Allah", maybe our coinage should say "in Budda we trust".The point is, if we want to promote religious FREEDOM, then government implements (like money and courtrooms) should not promote a SPECIFIC religion. Leaving religion out of it all together would allow the individual to feel as if his government were not trying to push a certain denomination.Perhaps there was a REASON the...
If your hypothesis is correct, 1080 output will be a SOFTWARE update... So no need to put off buying it, you'll get 1080 at no cost when they're ready to release it. And as someone else said, you're missing out by waiting...
If you really can't stand to stream from your laptop, go buy an old Mac mini and set it up as an iTunes server. They couldn't put a big enough HDD in the aTV to hold all my video anyway, so why bother.
Why. Why do you believe Jesus is who he said he is? Why is Mohammehd (sp?) NOT who he claimed to be? Why is Joseph Smith NOT telling us the truth? Why do you not believe that Zeus is the supreme being? (Stories about him have been around much longer than stories about J.C.Waterwalker.)
A related quote: "Ignorance is bliss."
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