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You can get a cord that plugs into the DVI port on the Mac and will output HDMI to the TV. You can get a cord that plugs into the DVI port on the Mac and will output Composite video to the TV. You'll need a separate cord for audio (from the computer's headphone port to the TV's audio input.)
I'm only GUESSING based on what you've said... but... Sounds like GD somehow corrupted a necessary file. However, not booting is different from a Kernel Panic. Either way, boot from the OSX DVD and re-install OSX. What possessed you to think you needed to defragment the HDD ?
~ $200 for a G4, ~$400 for an older C2D ... plus $98 for a (new) 2TB external USB drive. (and it'll do much more than just serve media.) If you're looking to set up a real home server, the Mini really isn't that expensive for a quiet, efficient, reliable set-up.
Does she have a Windiws PC? The iPad could be set up and synced to a PC instead of a Mac.
Well... the AppleTV can only access your library through a running instance of iTunes... so even with the library stored on the Time Capsule, your iMac will still need to be on and awake for the aTV to access it. My solution is having a MacMini set up as a home iTunes server. The Mini is always on, sitting on a shelf, no screen attached... set to have iTunes start at power-up and to automatically re-start after power interruptions. A 2TB external HDD attached to that...
The actual date matters not at all. In fact, the only evidence to support that "he" was born AT ALL is anecdotal. Hardly compelling evidence that a god walked the earth.
I don't think such a thing even exists. USB and FW are very different technologies.
The spinning wheel (iirc) is looking for a bootable drive... It can't find any. I don't think there's much you can do without obtaining an external drive it can boot from. buy or borrow, you seem to need one. The problem: Apple computers USED to not be able to boot from USB sources. I don't know if yours falls into that category or not. Your best bet would be to get a DVD drive that will actually boot your eMac... And install that. eBay comes to mind... Just buy a...
Come back when you get a sense of humor.
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