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They haven't in the last 10 years that i've held it. They use their cash for R&D and expansion/acquisitions rather than incurring debt... a MUCH better way to run a company. (If only our government would take notice )
And according to you, they were stupid for making that purchase.
Many do... Though we often use a headset rather than speakerphone... But both methods work. Not just surfing... While talking on the phone, perhaps you need to reference an email or site that is relevant to the conversation... Look up a schedule or location to arrange a meet... Or just surf because the conversation you're having is inane. (Like reading a post by Tallest Skil )
So... If they buy this phone ... It will quit working in July ??? Do you really think 99% of the people even CARE about the upgrade cycle? They can buy the phone on day one and easily expect to get 3-4 years of use out of it, regardless of when the next great thing is or isn't released.
I guess I missed the part where they announced the iPhone 5. And the part where they said there would be staggered release dates for different carriers and models of phone.
It's not intended that way ???? Really???Then why did you even post what I quoted?... you could have just as easily DELETED "mainstream" and replaced it with "well known". Instead, you chose to leave both and make a little tongue-in-cheek lambast which you "claimed" you weren't doing.While I agree with the point of your post, you really come off looking like you're just trying to instigate a flame-fest rather than start a civil discussion.
Also ignore folks who claim to know "Apple's position" on various technologies or application strategies.
By that logic, 6 years ago you would have stated that Apple's position on phones was "Buy a Nokia if you want a good phone." But they obviously had something better in the works. Even if SJ himself told you that there was no OSX iBooks app on the way, it would mean absolutely nothing... in fact, it might even lead one to believe there WAS one on the way. I have a hard time believing that you know any more than anyone else what "Apple's position" is on ANYthing. While the...
Except that books purchased through iBooks have DRM that other readers can't decipher. So that can't be read from OSX until Apple makes available a desktop version of iBooks.You can't... TallestSkil just assumes that since HE has no use for it, then no one else does either.
What a stupid idea!... A form of altering history and/or censorship. If you don't like what he wrote, then don't read it. There's certainly no need to change history and pretend like that stuff wasn't acceptable then!... Society has changed, it's no longer acceptable, but that's no reason to go and change the works of that era.
New Posts  All Forums: