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I see no reason to think it might go away. True, it hasn't been updated recently, but it does what it was designed to do just fine. (Make simple websites.) They used to have a web-based site maker (homepage.mac.com). When they shut that down, they gave over a years notice to all users to allow them to transition to the web.me.com servers.
Ok... So I'm thinking about moving to California. Though I've visited a number of times, I've not spent any significant amount of time there. Any opinions/ideas/recommendations from you folks? I'd want to be within about a 2 hour drive of LAX. In a nieghborhood of single family houses. Reputable schools. Enlighten me with your experiences and opinions!
So go voice your opinion to the board. I just got my invite... The shareholders meeting is Feb 23. (Not that I'll go, I like the way they're running things.)
Personally, I'd rather see the phone stay the same size and add a little more battery in the freed-up space.
Give ATT a call and see if they would let you have a microcell unit. It plugs into your home internet connection and sets up it's own little cellular bubble ... basically allows your cell phone to work as normal, but it uses a VoIP connection through the microcell. (more or less) I think they normally charge for it, but tell them your situation, maybe they'll waive the fee. (I'm pretty sure Verizon offers the same type of set-up, but not 100% certain.)
Perhaps because the other half of the year he's in CT with good cellular coverage??? Practice will improve your reading comprehension skills.
Just because they don't use all of it... or even most of it... or even (in your opinion) a significant chunk of it doesn't mean that they don't use it. They were able to build the NC data center using a small amount of that cash. (Without having to encumber the corporation to do it!) That is using it. Spending less cash than you're bringing in will naturally cause your cash-on-hand to increase. That doesn't mean they don't spend ANY of it though. It is a stellar way to...
Do you actually believe that ? Are you really that uneducated? ... or is it just stupidity? If that were the case, then you could buy the iPhone 5 the day it goes on sale and you wouldn't be content with it, because you wouldn't know of the next iteration. A person can be perfectly content with an item while having no knowledge of the next generation. (...or of other currently available options.) You'd do well to invest $14.95 in a dictionary.
yes, both can. They can access the internet via WiFi only ... but they won't work as cell phones that way Skype would work though. You'd have to pay an un-subsidized price though, if you don't want a cellular contract.
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