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 Ridiculous (if that's really what he thinks; you may be correct, but you're speculating).  The Android app market is indeed the wild west, which is why I would never consider using an Android device even if it was 100% free forever.  But Google is a U.S.-based company, and they do not get to skirt Trademark law.  I'm sure that's why it's been pulled from the store.
 Are you joking?  IMESSAGE is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.  No one can sell a product in that space by that name. At least make an attempt before posting. Less than 5 seconds (1 easy search) found this, with a picture of the certificate and everything:  http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2012/11/apples-imessage-is-now-a-registered-trademark.html
All I know is I don't want Google anywhere near my health records.  Ever.     They have their fingers in so many places of so many people already, it's gotten out of control.
 So you're the problem.  Now we know why the stock dropped.  ;-) (I know you said this summer, but couldn't resist)
 I guess I disagree.  Wearable tech is going to have strong ties with fitness and health, as we have been reading about in recent months.  Apple is heading in this direction, make no mistake.  Look at the headlines today about Apple requiring sources for medical information in iOS Apps.  They are clearly paying attention to healthcare.
 It might seem that way to intelligent people, but frankly, most people just don't think through the consequences of their actions enough to care. In today's world, convenience trumps common sense.  Like Bregalad says, most people don't seem to care (or don't understand) that almost all of their electronic communications and transactions are being recorded, monitored, analyzed and stored for future uses that are yet to be determined. Features like this are certainly...
 Two questions: 1) Has this been confirmed either way?  Anyone? I'd love to drop those apps on my current iPhone if they're available for free. 2) How much of the functionality of the latest versions of these apps is restricted if you don't use iCloud.  I have no interest in ever storing any kind of personal data in the cloud, but would appreciate the ability to use and edit spreadsheets and presentations created on my Mac and also editing photos directly on the iPhone...
 I agree that cases severely diminish from the fit and feel of a beautiful device like the iPhone.  It's like putting a cheap plastic cover on your fancy leather couch.  Sure, it protects it, but at what cost?  You never get to enjoy the device that designers put thousands of hours into honing.  Steve Jobs had it right, but if people want to buy them I guess I'm okay with that because it means more money for shareholders. As for people dropping phones, I don't know what to...
  Fantastic article, thanks very much for posting.  Everyone in tech should read this.  I did a quick search for trial results, and it doesn't look like it went well for the Bakers, but what I saw didn't really have any details, nor any information about appeals.   For me, the key is that you never trust any one source.  Not only with "internet research", but investment advice, M&A, whatever.
  Big difference though.  When I go into a coffee shop and use their WiFi, I'm "paying" for it by ordering food or drink.  That is the expectation, and in some places there are even posted requests or enforced limits in place that make you order something every 2 hours to continue using their WiFi.  There is NO expectation that they are gathering personal information about me (I sure as hell don't use #$!@! loyalty cards!).  When Google is running their network, those...
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