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I don't get it. If this:and this:are true, how can this possibly NOT be a violation of their data privacy laws?The only thing that makes sense is what winstein2010 just said: "Post Election", "highly political"
I was reading along with some interest until this part. WTF?!Totally agree with LordJohnWhorfin's comment above:I used to purchase Adobe products, but haven't for years. I'll never purchase a product that won't function without tying into a corporate server (i.e. phoning home, activation, required cloud account, etc.), so this is yet another product of theirs that I won't even look at if they do improve the lag issues in the future. Sorry Adobe, you guys suck.Fine, then...
hahahaha! I love it.I'm not sure exactly what you mean by it, but I think many people here will understand why I love it.
Yes! This is how all private communication should happen - or at least be able to happen. Directly, without centralization of the data itself. Unfortunately, this still allows meta data to be gathered, but it's a good step in the right direction.If adopted across the board it would shatter companies like google, whose entire business model depends on building detailed "dossiers" of their users.
Responding to your post in particular, but aimed at many commenters.Yes, this. As a nation, many people have sacrificed their lives for freedom, and one very important aspect of freedom is the freedom of privacy. Freedom from "unreasonable search and seizure". But most people's lackadaisical attitudes have made this moot for nearly everything except physical goods.If you (and your child) use existing spyware like facebook, gmail (and many others), then those...
Not hardly. You keep mischaracterizing what I say, and I'm not sure why. I don't trust either (any) of them, so I won't give any of them access, or even potential access to data that could be misused. You say you don't trust either of them, and yet your solution seems to be to share with little discretion, and a "Oh they'd never do anything bad!" mindset.I'm not surprised that the common, uneducated masses think this way (frankly, they don't understand enough to even...
Siri is not currently on any iDevice that I own. Otherwise I could indeed go verify that.As I said multiple times above though, I don't really expect that Siri does this all the time (though it might, and can easily change at any time without your knowledge or consent), but my bet is that Echo will. Given that Echo presumably (?) works via either wifi or wired ethernet, as opposed to cellular data, then you should be able to easily see if it's true or not. At this point...
I guess maybe a little more since I lost track of this ^.Yes, I do. Trust me, I have *complete* control over Every Single Packet that goes in and out of my iDevices. My needs and solution are not for everyone, but I have access to tools that you do not.All the above notwithstanding, hallelujah for proper post-editing! Another Thank You is in order. But you're only going to get these 2. ;-)
Oh yeah, saw that immediately, and tried it right away.If multi- works, I'll be a happy-camper poster again.
AAAACK! Not me, others in your home. You did catch that whole conversation, right? Or, in the case of other iDevice-hosted apps, wherever you might enable something like that, if it's recording others. If/when you do that you are unwittingly including others into your own, I don't know, Moral Code, for lack of a better name. I really think we're done here, because you seem to think this is okay, and there's not much more to be said.
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