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Wow, you are one bitter dude. You might as well just stop listening to music entirely if it's that bad. Fortunately, there are a lot of people here who agree with me. A few who don't. If you're in the latter camp, that's your loss, not mine. Guess I'll just leave it at that.
Uh, you're joking, right?
Welcome. Well said, and you're absolutely correct! Youngsters (and I mean 20-somethings on down!) may not have the long-term perspective to even understand this. Or at least not to have internalized such realizations because they've had the ability to just grab individual songs at will for several years now. There is such a Now, Now, Now mindset among kids these days, and it's unfortunate, but it's life. Sadly, I don't know if there's any way to go back. If one doesn't...
While that may be a true statement, the challenge was to name where it originally came from. But I agree that AjitMD was mistaken. xwiredtva, I formally request my one point! A bit more: - Microsoft's first spreadsheet was Multiplan, which was released in 1982, prior to Mac, however the first release named "Excel" was on the Mac in 1985, and not for Windows until 1987. - Word, on the other hand, was first released as Microsoft Word for the IBM PC in 1983, prior to the...
Well, offhand I know I can get one point. :-) MS didn't write the original PowerPoint. It was originally a Mac-only piece of software written by a company called Forethought. I remember it from the very earliest Mac days. Microsoft liked the software, bought the company and morphed it into PowerPoint. I remember being quite irked at the time.
Ditto! No Silverlight here either. I don't care how whiz-bang a site is, if it says "Silverlight required", then I just leave. I don't want more crap on my system, especially anything that can run outside the browser's sandbox.
So did you give up on this?
Thought this thread was dead, guess not.No I'm not, never said I was! WTF is the matter with you? ;-) What I am, is a very rounded user that needs to meet with clients, employees, investors, and manage a business. That means lots and lots of emails, lots of time in a browser, and actually a good bit of time writing code. And yes, much of that is ideal on a 15" laptop, wherever I happen to be at on any given day/hour. But I will buy off-brand before staring at a mirror...
If you haven't done so already, be mindful that the way you ask your question could easily dictate the answer you receive. There's little benefit to a store manager to put their product in a bad light, so to speak. (pun intended ) Personally, I can't imagine a glossy screen being suitable for that purpose, but it doesn't mean the management would admit such. On the other hand, if they *did* admit it, well, there ya go!
Hey, easy does it. I did say it was a good point, and I find good logic there. It doesn't mean "end of story". I think this is why so many people find your posts bothersome - jumping to unwarranted absolute conclusions. Short of asking the manager at the store why they're using those displays, we are all just speculating. You live close enough to visit that store, right? Just go ask. I'd love to hear the response.
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