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You're joking, right? This doesn't opt you out of any data collection, aggregation, disaggregation, etc. The only thing it opts you out of is receiving ads specifically targeted to you, based on your Google profile. It's terribly misleading to the masses of naive users. The irony of encouraging users to explicitly allow a tracking cookie for the purposes of not being tracked would be extremely entertaining if it weren't so evil.Bingo, you get the prize. They still...
You're life is being sucked into Google even if you're not using their products; every time you load a page which has their ads or analytics (which is a huge percentage of all sites!), the big G is tracking you, my friend. Helpful hint: add this to your /etc/hosts file. It's not exhaustive, but a start: .doubleclick.net127.0.0.1 doubleclick.net127.0.0.1 ad.doubleclick.net127.0.0.1 fls.doubleclick.net127.0.0.1 ...
Nicely put. I wouldn't say it makes me chuckle as much as sigh. The lack of logical reasoning in Steve-J's argument makes it kind of pointless to continue with him. But your comment made me chuckle.
What? You can't cut the air in LA with a knife??
No, that's not true. You really don't get it, do you? There is HUGE demand for video on iOS. Nobody gives a shit whether or not it's in Flash, they just want to watch the video. And they don't want to lose 1/2 their battery life every time they watch a 5 minute clip either, which is prone to happen on a mobile device with Flash. Read this post by the Skyfire CEO for some enlightenment:http://www.skyfire.com/press/blog/60...hase-of-growth
Geez, you're missing the entire point. No, it's NOT the same as taking a number. Taking a paper number out of a dispenser does not in any way relate your visit to you as an individual and track your physical location, repeated visits to a particular store(s), etc. Just remember, there is virtually no legislation in place to prevent abuse of this kind of data. What constitutes abuse isn't even defined. Eventually, over many years I expect those things will slowly...
No kidding. All this keep-track-of-your-every-movement is beyond creepy. On one hand, it's neat and clever that it can be done. But SHOULD it be done? Slowly but surely people are being lured into handing over their lives to a handful of very large corporations. Apple may be better than the others as far as privacy goes, but it's all trending toward a very dangerous future. And if it's not curtailed it will become more difficult for "regular folks" to do their basic...
Not hardly. She's a typical person that doesn't care about tech details. If you truly believe your own comment (and weren't just being sarcastic), then you need to get out into the real world a bit more.
I guess no one else here picked up on this, but you're absolutely right. This is a geek design, not an elegant one, and it's design decisions like this that microsoft loves as well.
You're very welcome! Usually I feel like these discussions are for naught, so it's nice to see someone receptive to a nudge like this. (Of course you had to already be thinking along those lines, but it still feels good). Now, pass it on! :-)
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