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Not hardly. You keep mischaracterizing what I say, and I'm not sure why. I don't trust either (any) of them, so I won't give any of them access, or even potential access to data that could be misused. You say you don't trust either of them, and yet your solution seems to be to share with little discretion, and a "Oh they'd never do anything bad!" mindset.I'm not surprised that the common, uneducated masses think this way (frankly, they don't understand enough to even...
Siri is not currently on any iDevice that I own. Otherwise I could indeed go verify that.As I said multiple times above though, I don't really expect that Siri does this all the time (though it might, and can easily change at any time without your knowledge or consent), but my bet is that Echo will. Given that Echo presumably (?) works via either wifi or wired ethernet, as opposed to cellular data, then you should be able to easily see if it's true or not. At this point...
I guess maybe a little more since I lost track of this ^.Yes, I do. Trust me, I have *complete* control over Every Single Packet that goes in and out of my iDevices. My needs and solution are not for everyone, but I have access to tools that you do not.All the above notwithstanding, hallelujah for proper post-editing! Another Thank You is in order. But you're only going to get these 2. ;-)
Oh yeah, saw that immediately, and tried it right away.If multi- works, I'll be a happy-camper poster again.
AAAACK! Not me, others in your home. You did catch that whole conversation, right? Or, in the case of other iDevice-hosted apps, wherever you might enable something like that, if it's recording others. If/when you do that you are unwittingly including others into your own, I don't know, Moral Code, for lack of a better name. I really think we're done here, because you seem to think this is okay, and there's not much more to be said.
That's on you for using the rich text editor. [/quote] Holy crap, thank you. Frankly, I get on here so rarely (though recently there have been some batches like tonight), and I probably haven't looked at the preferences in years. Much better.
At this point it's only because you refuse to consider that others might not be okay with it. I could care less what you do with it in your own home if you're the only one to ever step foot there. Clearly that's your own business.That, and seemingly not understanding how much data leakage happens in reality. Most people are in complete denial about this, I just figured you would understand, even if you don't care.
I really do wish I'd seen what you wrote before you deleted it. lol.
 Remember, Eric-the-asshat Schmidt was lambasted for his "If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place" comment.  If you think the only reason to be careful about personal data mining is because you're a gangster, then I'm not sure what to say.  Be happy your life is simple.  Not the case for everyone, and you should consider that your life can be turned upside down in a heartbeat.  Clearly you don't get it,...
 Dude!  This ^^ Solip doesn't get it, I guess I'm done trying to explain.  :-( FYI, the storage and CPU to do this kind of thing is virtually nothing.  You could do it with a 1st generation Mac mini.  Or hell, you could do it with some of the <$100 linux boxes that are around now.  It's the sensors and getting standards built around them (which HomeKit could really help with) which take time, effort and money.  People do this stuff already, but it's too complicated for the...
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