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About four or five days ago, I tried searching for a place online to watch the movie (500) Days of Summer and I came across several websites that said I could watch it but was never able to so I finally gave up on it... Well ever since then, my MBP has been acting up. (I have the previous model of MBP, not the unibody) Here's a list of issues I am having: (I have already made an appointment at the genius bar for Thursday but thought I'd post here, with hopes of maybe...
I'm not able to get the official 3.0 software from iTunes. When I click Check for Update, it tells me I have the current version but I know it's the beta 5 that I have. I have tried restoring my phone and iTunes gives me an error when trying to restore. It says the requested source was not found. Any others having issues installing 3.0 from the beta?
I know that it works for other users but for some reason my calendar is the only thing not pushing
Yes, I know it works. My brother's works just fine
Mobileme had been working fine for me during the first couple of weeks and then about three weeks ago, I entered my work schedule into my phone, thinking it would push everything into my MM Calendar but it hasn't worked since then. It's been about three weeks since any of my new iPhone calendar events have been updated on MM. I have checked iCal as well and it also shows the same events that MM has. I have tried syncing through iTunes and syncing through System...
In the paperwork for the claim, it asks for the amount that you're requesting and it gives you the option to include the fee for filing a small claim, which in my case is $87
Well I went ahead and submitted the claim. I will keep this updated for those of you who are interested or for those who may need some advice if they ever come across the same situation
I tried the annoying them routine by calling to their house/cell phone every night but I think it only made things worse.
My ex-roommate owes me $750 for rent/bills that occurred during a five-month span. I have talked to his parents about this and they promised they would pay me back and it has now been three months and I have not received anything and they hardly ever return my phone calls. My question about going through the small claims court is whether it's worth doing even if that ex-roommate was never on the lease? I basically only have my landlord, my other roommate and friends...
Has anyone had their MBP shipped yet? I ordered mine yesterday morning and then last night I received an email saying my order had been shipped and I was really surprised it went through so quick. Later on that night, I read my email again and it turns out that the only thing that was shipped was the sleeve that I also ordered for it \
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