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Sometimes when I put my iMac to sleep, the screen will go black like it normally should do but when I come back a few hours later, the screen is lit with just a plain dark gray screen. I have to push the power button and then it goes black like if it's asleep. Has anyone experienced this?
I'm going to use mine towards Leopard
I called 1800MYAPPLE and canceled my order today because I noticed the reason why the shipping was going to take so long was because I ordered the wireless keyboard. I decided to go ahead and just get the USB one instead and now it'll be shipped by Aug. 14 instead of 3-5 weeks. I use the numeric pad quite a bit so I don't really mind having one extra wire
I ordered a 20" a few hours ago and the ship date shows Sept. 13. When I ordered my macbook when they first came out, the ship date was also a few weeks away but I ended up getting it a lot earlier. Just check your order status every now and then and hopefully we'll all get a surprise
So i have been using my external firewire HD to bootup my old macbook info. by restarting my iMac and holding down the option key...i have been doing this for several months now with no problem till today. I first noticed when i booted up my external HD that my iMac HD was not showing up on my desktop. I thought nothing of it at first...but then when i tried restarting my iMac regularly all that showed up on the gray startup screen was a gray file with a "?". I restarted...
Bump. Anyone else still having these problems? Any word on when this should be fixed?
Here's the "Stress Test": http://www.pcworld.com/video/id,545-...d,0/video.html
I have had people telling me that they have tried calling me and yet my iPhone doesn't even ring. Luckily I have my blackberry as my business phone so they're able to get a hold of me through that. When I take the phone off of standby, that's when I'll see that I had a missed call or sometimes it won't even show that someone tried calling me. I've also had trouble with text messaging. I won't ever hear the phone go off or even feel the phone vibrate and then I happen to...
Thanks a lot for your input; it makes a lot of sense why Apple wouldn't release a widescreen ipod before the iphone is released. I have a 4Gen ipod and haven't had any problems with it but I'm just ready for a new video ipod. I'll just wait and see what happens
So I just got a ridiculous amount of money back from school and I've been thinking about getting a new ipod but I also don't want to get one because I have a feeling that Apple will just release a new model within about a month of me getting one. So, my question is whether or not I should wait it out a bit and see if there will be a new model coming out. Is the widescreen ipod only going to be for the iphone?
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