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Is there any way to change the appearance of the log on screen? I'm a huge fan of 24 and I've found a site that allows Windows users to change their log on screen to look like the CTU log on screen. It says that you need a program called LogonStudio in order to get them to work but there isn't a version of it for Macs. Here's the website: http://division.ctuhq.us/desktoptheme.html
I got my Intel Core 2 Duo iMac back in October and ever since then, I've had trouble connecting to my wireless network in my apartment. I used to have a MacBook before the iMac and Airport worked fine on it. The problem that I have is that it will connect to my network and I will be able to use Safari for about two minutes and then it will disconnect and I will have to keep trying to connect to it over and over. The thing that I love about these iMacs is that they...
Ever since I got my MacBook back in late May, I've had a problem with iChat. I'll be online and then it'll show that my buddy is typing a message but then I'll never get it and so I have to quit iChat and then sign back on again. When I ask people if they got my IMs or if they sent anything, they say that they sent several messages but I never get any of them. I used to have a G4 PowerBook until I sold it to get the MacBook and I never had this problem with the...
What my brother does for his battery is he takes it out whenever he is just at his desk and just uses the AC charger to power it. He says it doesn't drain the battery
I got mine too
As of 7:36 this morning, mine is at "FedEx Destination". I hope it gets here today
I thought Memorial Day was on the 29th?
I just checked my tracking for my MacBook and it says that it is currently in Lubbock, TX. I am from Abilene, TX which is only about 3 hours away from Lubbock. The estimated delivery still says May 24th but do you all think that it could be possible that I'll get it tomorrow? I hope so
I paid the extra amount to have 2 day shipping and my MacBook was shipped yesterday (May 19th) and FedEx's estimated delivery date is May 24th. Shouldn't I be getting it on Monday (May 22) or Tuesday (May 23) the latest?
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