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Mine has been shipped!
I ordered mine two days ago and it also says May 25th for the estimated shipping date. If anyone gets theirs shipped earlier, please post.
I downloaded flip4mac and it worked! I just don't know how long my trial is. Thanks for the advice
I've noticed that sometimes when I try streaming a video using Windows Media Player, the status at the bottom will just stay at "Connecting to Media" and other times, I will get an error message. I have the latest version so I know that it isn't an upgrade issue. Does anyone know what can be done about this? I am thinking about getting MLB TV and I just tried viewing a sample of it and the only player that is available to watch this with is Windows Media Player and the...
Yes, I am running on 10.4.5.
Whenever I try sending mp3's to my phone using the USB, I always get a message saying that the MEDIA folder cannot be modified. I tried doing the same thing on a friend of mine's PC and I didn't have any problems with it so I was just wondering if this was just a problem with Apple computers or am I just doing something wrong? Also, when I try sending mp3's using Bluetooth>Get Files, I get a message saying "Invalid FTP Request." I have already tried changing the FTP...
What's the easiest way to find out which files are not .m4a?
In my iTunes library, it shows that I have 1,249 songs and I just finished updating my iPod and it shows that it has 1,244 songs. I went back to my library to see if maybe some of my songs were unchecked but they are all checked so they should all automatically load to my ipod. Has anyone else had a problem with this?
I visited the Genius Bar in an Apple store over the weekend so that they can try and solve the problem that I have been having with my Finder not loading the clock, bluetooth, airport, etc. The guy tried doing a safe boot restart and that didn't work so then he asked me to create a new account in order to see if it was just a problem on my account and the clock, bluetooth, airport, etc. still did not load on the "test" account. The guy then connected my powerbook to...
This is kind of silly but I was just wondering what is the name of the font that Apple uses on the Powerbook keyboard (caps lock, shift, enter, etc.) I'm pretty sure that they also use the same font for their keynote presentations and ads. I tried using Century Gothic and it kind of looks like it but something doesn't seem right.
New Posts  All Forums: