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Any word on whether or not they will ever get a deal with Fox? I'm ready for some 24
I have a 4th Generation iPod and it worked fine up until I updated to 10.4.4 and got the latest iTunes update. I'm pretty sure that I hadn't tried updating my ipod any time before I got those updates. I have already tried restarting my powerbook, dragging the desktop ipod icon to my iTunes and I even tried restarting with the ipod already plugged into the firewire drive and nothing worked.
I just tried doing that and when it finished, it said, "verification failed." I've gotta go to work now so I will come back and see if there are any other suggestions. Thanks a lot for your help
Last night, I tried uploading more music into my iPod and when I connected it, the iPod icon showed up on my desktop but it never came up on my iTunes. I checked for updates and I am up to date on everything. Anyone else having this problem?
I was going to try doing the stuff that is on macosxhints.com but when I went to the CoreServices folder, there was no "Search.bundle" so I was not able to delete anything. I have already tried doing the three other options that you suggested and that didn't work either. Thanks for the advice though.
I shut down my G4 Powerbook a few nights ago and when I turned it back on the next morning, the clock, airport signal, bluetooth, battery life, etc. never showed up on the finder. I am running on Mac OS X 10.4.4. I have already tried restarting and nothing happens. Any advice?
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