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Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?
The white version reminds me of the translucent iBook g3. Bad touch!
OD. that was an incredible point-by-point, sir.
Stay classy!
Really? That would be enough for me as well. The weekly or so concerts are really a bit much for the otherwise quiet street.
oh snap.& "ensure customers are iReady"? Really?
Well, true, but at that point, it was the first (experimentation?) It should be interesting to see who shows up.
what's wrong with a guy who wants a pink iPod? and this isn't really a novelty color.... the original iPod mini was sold in pink from the beginning. But there are a lot of colors out there now... But lots of people I see toting silver. Whatevs. I love color.
Granted, the Genius Bar is very crowded at certain times of the day. But a whole other store just seems like somewhat of a tourist trap. I don't know; I'm not in the business of business, but it seems to me this is a bad idea.
New Posts  All Forums: