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Ridiculous. Just like Starbuck's Coffee, Apple will overreach itself and lose its novelty and value. Three stores in NYC is more than enough. The one on 67th in Manhattan doesn't make sense, and this one in Brooklyn is just a bad idea altogether. Oh well. They should spend their time making sure their products were consistently of good quality and not second-rate and not scour neighborhoods for new saturation points. iMac panels, macbooks discoloring, ibook logic boards,...
Oh great, just what we needed. Another Apple store. in Manhattan. Oh. Over saturation is overly saturated.
not to sound like an ignorant fool (which I will anyway) but there are such things as bluetooth coffee makers?
yeah, they do a pretty sick job of making lots in one place and forgetting oh... 48 other states?
"About 5 percent of all users were running Safari while accessing the sites, indicating that most Mac users are not using Firefox or other alternate browsers. " I don't know about anyone else, but Firefox runs horridly slow on my MacBook... I prefer Safari more anyway. But this is off-topic, and i apologize for any grief this has caused anyone. \
Except for that part where you offended him. I think it's rather ridiculous they were asking Apple for $1 000 000 dollars to port THEIR game to the platform.
Sick post.
OH, so... amazing logic. "Well, as you can see, when the iPhone is taken apart and then separated by weight and poison content, it can be potentially dangerous in some samples." and his name is Mike Green? Are you kidding? UCH!
umm.. does that image really say podcasts? do they really? oh, so... new low.
one can only hope. one can only hope.....
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