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Well said, dear.
iBook. Haven't seen that in a while.
this makes sense, especially since they spelled speaker as "Speakor" . . . . .
oh wow I live in 718. represent!
interesting news. I wonder what made them change their mind about synaptics... and solipsism, you have 1,234 posts.
oo, somebody's caring too much about people he doesn't know.
I don't. And it's pretty.Although I miss the plastic.But I'm sure plastic is out.It represents Apple Computer, Inc.Brushed Aluminum represents Apple, Inc.Welcome to the new Apple, ladies and gentlemen.BAM!
oh my jesus.
All of the radios from Toyota can get this information from any station that provides. It's nothing new; it also appears on the 5G iPod with Radio Remote.
they could set them free or whatever you call it.
New Posts  All Forums: