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iCage ?MacTrapMacTrap Pro for flagship stores...
when you type apple works into the spotlight-like search up top, it comes up but then puts you through to iwork....
.lol. squib. maybe this squib will perform magic later in life... (harry potter nerd i am i am...) anyway, this is lame. not to mention late. and irrelevant.... and.... harry potter? really? why?
no. the first release will be pretty buggy, the world will feedback and X.5.1 will be december-January. of course, i'm probably wrong.
it.... it.... won't let me view it because I'm "under 18". why should they.... what do they.... my business.... church... watchdog....
cool. That would be interesting for Karaoke....
look at what happened to Sun and ZFS... you take away Steve's thunder, you die.
squirt. squirt. "Hey, Maureen, I'm going to squirt that file at you now." squirt. squirt.
I haven't checked if there are previous posts on this, but my Week 22 Core Duo MacBook screen flashes a lot. It changes brightness like a strobe light (quick flashes) and then I have to hit to left hinge area for it to stop. Does anyone know what this is? I don't want to have to bring it to the Geniuses, but if push comes to shove I will. Sorry if this is a repeat topic, just point me to the other one if it is.
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