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From my work with iBooks of all generations, it would appear they don't because (correct me if I'm wrong) the G4 has a slot drive while the other ones have tray drives. Unless you meant JUST the white/clear parts... then I suspect they would fit.
hey hey tú tú odio tu novia no no no no necesitas una nueva hey hey yo yo podrÃ*a ser tu novia hey hey tú tú yo se que te gusto no no no no no es un secreto hey hey yo yo quiero ser tu novia haha avril lavigne.
those pictures are really great. I wonder what type of camera they were taken with? and that's so cool to see your company so popular. wow.
yep. and the buttons are brighter. noticeably brighter. iTunes dipped into the gothic for three versions there... the selection/source bar on the left has a blue selector instead of black. and... cover flow works. I was hoping for something more, I just don't remember what it was now..
I want to shout BLASPHEMY! but those pictures are really cool. and it's only a phone. that i don't have.
You Can Play Music Through The Built-in Speakerphone!!
heh. it's mayor street, on the street.
I know this isn't worth even asking, but is the line long at SoHo? I'll never get in. And does anyone else think that Apple will put all the computers in the back-room and just fill the store with iPhones? I hope so... then they;ll take the computers back out in two days. Because they cancelled (or didn't schedule) any programs for today and tomorrow, so I figured the store would just be filled with iPhones for the time being. It would make sense. Now I'm rambling.
thank the LORD JESUS
I think they might double sizes before launch... 8 + 16...
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