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As much as I hate it myself, I LOATH Verizon and I think Verizon needs some grammar/usage police on their ass. A "Plug" is something that is physically attached to an appliance, short for "Spark plug". It completes an electrical connection between an appliance and a power supply, and has two to three "male" pins that are inserted into a "female" outlet. An "Outlet" is usually inside a Wall Socket, and is the two- or three-pronged item you insert the plug into,...
I expect it to be insanity at SoHo.. not even trying Fifth avenue. I hope it's not craziness....
mmhmm...and i thought friday at 5 was early... then i realized how stupid that was. I love how the title is insanity.
I want one. Really badly. Does it really work, or is it just a tv in a case?
lol. the dialog is like a bad commercial from the fifties. but it gets the point across...
lolaria i like the findings of iMac displays... good work!
hahaha it says you posted in 2019! on a more serious note, I definitely think the redesign was because of iPhone, and I think eventually everyone will get the redesign when leopard comes out (even though some countries are still on the iPod Shuffle front page...)
hmm... the animation is fantastic! I've never heard that song, though, so I'm supposing it's new. And is this "officially" on their website now?
this should be a good move for apple, buying-wise. But it might build resistance from those kids who won't have anything to do with corporate-ness. Altho they wouldn't be customers anyway..... New font on the main page, anyone? It looks different.
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