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I can see it now... Big crowds, cops, media blitz. ahh, yes... free publicity abound. and yes, I think that's fine.
i do believe my "first post" ever. but this sounds reasonable. 3 dollars for 30 days? sounds good to me.
Will this new file system require a new harddrive or new hardware, or would it work with my current (June 2006) MacBook?
interesting. I wonder who those iPod models are. I would love to meet one. That would be so cool.
I much prefer the name Cingular as well. AT&T is shorter, but it's also very corporate. If they want to be consumer friendly, they have to have a nice sounding name. Cingular uses mostly warm-sounding letters, as opposed to AT&T, which uses almost none. (A is slightly warm, but the T's overrule the warmness they provide). I hope that made sense.
I had a very similar problem with my MacBook. I couldn't hear a damn thing. I brought it to the Apple store SoHo and the guy cooly explained it away as "movies are mastered at lower volumes than pop music, so that's why you can't hear it". Which, while it is probably true, still gave no explanation as to why a computer so focused on being "dorm-friendly...30 feet away" had such a bad speaker system.
I just received an e-mail from Apple saying that setting up home networks is easy, and it referred to the MacBook as "starting from $1049". But the Apple Store site says it's $1099. Does anyone think they will lower the price by $50?
as much as i'm all for freedom, ringtones can be DAMN obnoxious...
Thanks a lot. (I LOVE fonts) (and apparently, smileys)
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