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Ireland, I like the typefaces on the "advertisehereforever" site. Do you know what they are called and if they are available somewhere?
Sorry to be kind of nasty, Kasper.I take it back, I understand the predicament. But the over-use of anonymity in the media bothers me.Sorry again, J
The use of anonymity in this article is sickening. use their names or don't use their quotes. Nora Ephron (writer of movies such as "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally") wrote a great article about this very same subject, and it drives me just as crazy as it does her. Read it here.
I had thought they had done that a long while ago. I remember when working with iBooks running 10.2, i would always inadvertently hit eject, and the disc would spit out. But I seem to recall that the next gen. of iBooks (still G3, but with 10.3) wouldn't do that. Neither did G4's if I remember correctly. And neither does my MacBook. Maybe I'm just crazy.
I have been watching the videos. THIS IS AMAZING! does anyone think they borrowed some of the 3D engine stuff from Pixar? Is that even possible?
It would appear there is a new Final Cut Studio 2 out. And new Final Cut Studio Server (available this summer). Cool.
My MacBook started doing the same thing the other day, but only sometimes. Does anyone know what this could be?
I agree wholeheartedly that i needs to be perfect, not early. And the title is very cool. (Cage its cat...who came up with that? )
I must agree. Wow. I wasn't anticipating June, but this is final I suppose.
It most certainly does not. I thought it was well done. The DoF (depth of field) changes to the iPod and back, and very smooth motions overall.
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