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Very interesting... I wonder if that means digital beatles sooner than later (if ever...) i don't understand the need for appletv content on cellphones, but i don't use many of those gadgets anyway, so not my forte to complain about. And what goes up must come down for Microsoft... and last but [maybe?] not least, the ad is up (altho the link Ireland provided is better...), and they are definitely trying to show the connection. The bottom of the apple main page shows the...
Is there a way to save it so i can put it like, in my iPod or just try and see all of it? (i don't have Quicktime Pro). Okay, i did it. (I've been answering a lot of my own questions lately...).Anyway, the link in Ireland's post--right (secondary, excuse me) click on it and click "save linked file". then it downloads. that's pretty darn cool instead of buying a pro thing just to do that.
Interesting how in that particular scene, there are two iMacs in the corner of the shot (of School of Rock). This commercial is a breath of fresh air (kind of), even if i have no use for the product. Also, why is the Apple official time telling my computer that's it's PM? (haha i just realized it IS Pm. never mind.)
awesome. my puny macbook screen wasn't big enough to show it all though.
I don't think its the same either, although I agree it does look similar. And the basic idea of it was similar as well. The music is playing, then he puts it in the iBook and it adds an instrument, and now its in the iPod and another instrument is added, very similar. Maybe it's just karma, but I think aTV will be a hit. Eventually. (and iPhone? Yes.)It was the same guy, they're showing how he can watch it in multiple places.
I just realized after reading the post this feature was missing. This is a very good idea. I think it shouldn't just be for Party Shuffle, but for all of iTunes (probably excepting the store and audiobooks and all that...). It would be nice, but might never happen. At least not for a while.
nagromme, i completely agree. and it's called the UpStage. el-oh-els. did they even look at this when they designed it? (the keys are on the BACK??) hmmm... something smells fishy.
....... sorry about that.
25. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
yup. they just reiterate what the boards say. reading the boards tells you more information than what analysts say.
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