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you could always spend the 44.95 and pick up a copy of the apple pro training series final cut express. it includes a dvd of lessons and makes you work through the application to get the most out of the learning experience. I used these books and took the cert exams for FCP, Motion and DVDSP great tools lead to better proficiency of the app
I hope it solves the daisy chain issue that plagues firewire drives with the prolific PL3507 chipset. zen
Hmm this is a tough one.... My self and my partners use ichat (AIM) on a daily basis to do buisness. Having the ability to group all of my partners and freelances together in a group would be a nice feature, this would limit me to 1 chat window as opposed to the 4 to 6 that I may have up at a time. To me this would be a PRO. On the other hand if it is not implemeted right it would be a nightmare. I think if you are given the option of having multiple users say up to...
Being a multimedia developer and using both flash and quicktime on a regular basis, they both have their place in the web space. I develop exclusivly in the mac environment, I use a pc to check my work and thats about it. Flash has made incredible leaps since the days of flash 3 and quicktime keeps evolving at an amazing clip for its primary use being a video player and if your a quictime pro user it is one of the most useful tools any media developer or editor could...
because Apple always sends out the Legal Team when it comes to someone other then themselves announcing a new product such as this. How many times have you seen "Removed at the request of Apple" on message boards, when it is something that is almost 9 time out of 10 about to be announced.
here is one for you.... Back in July I bought a refurbished Powerbook 1.25ghz from Apple and when i arrived I was surprised to see that Jaguar was installed. Now this machine was introduced before panther was released so I wasn't too upset, and I just did a fresh install of panther(which i would have done anyway) but I would have thought that the machine would ship with the most current OS available. my 2 cents zen
Fake????? ....... No I think that apple is embarking on a new voyage in the UI. I doubt that this will be the first or the last UI look that we will all see over the next few months. Personally I like is as long as you have a chioce in whether the drawer is hidden or shown. I wish you had the ability to have themes added to the system with out the need for a APE plugin, I would be all over it. Who knows maybe they will allow themes like the days in 9. If i...
here is another choice, not knowing what your budget is. It is platform independant. GoToMyPC Also There is Timbuktu Zen
ya know if this was true Apple would have shut it down rather quickly. just my 2 cents zen
Well BuonRotto coming from Squaresville you must frequent the Shore region. When you live less then 50 feet from the "beach" you live at the beach not the shore, but you are right when I speak of where I live I refer to it as the "Shore". But I must say you are the First to call me on this one.......good catch!!!!! Any way back to the topic at hand, integrating the "internet" into applications is one of the most useful events to happen in the history of modern software....
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