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That's the second time I've read this in the last few days: "The only noticeable changes were speed bumps to the primary CPU". 4GB instead of 8GB is about $100 not including the time spent ordering and installing it.
IMO it would have scored much better had they left out 'In California', which pretty much explicitly leaves out every other state.
Seriously, these AppleInsider 'hidden advertisements' (or not hidden, actually, and rather blatant) for their 3% discounts with MacMall were increasingly annoying before, but to get to the point they're at now with trying to make news out of it, is bordering on unethical.
Now that's another reason why the other site gets 154 comments for a comment vs 11 in this one if this is the nature of conversation on this site. That's the last time I post a comment in this forum. Goodbye AI.
Thanks for the Archives tip, I'm bookmarking that. The only reason why I went to AI first instead of other rumor sites is that it displayed several headlines at once, versus just one. Can you imagine CNN with just one blog story taking up the entire site? How about just two? That's what AI is now.
I think this may explain why a story like OS X Update 10.8.2 gets 154 comments on another rumors site, and 11 on this one. The ONLY thing I read are the most popular comments, there's no way to read all the comments in an article, and most of them aren't helpful at all. This is the way most every site sorts their comments. Just as you curate the content you post, I'd like at least an option to have the comments curated as well. I guarantee you will notice a significant...
Apparently the Macbook Pro listed for $1687.79 on MacMall's site at this link: http://www.macmall.com/p/product~dpn...PINSDRMWB24900 and in the table provided in the article is a typo?
What were the prices before the price cut? The iPod touch wiki doesn't carry that info, but should.
It would have been less confusing had the article stated:This MacWorld article makes it clearer:
Now this is what I've long been waiting for, a true 64-bit processor to go with the existing OS it was designed for.
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