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I'm sure they know how to do it, but the downside is that there is extra cost involved. So it comes down to a cost-benefit analysis, is the extra cost of including the feature more than the cost of dealing with support issues and negative feelings of users. Probably not is the answer.   I work every day with a piece of electronics that has a system that makes it impossible for us to "brick" it, even though we do regularly update the "firmware" on it, so I'm not just...
No. Also I live in a state that has many Apple Stores, and the closest to me is 94 miles away. Popping down to the Apple Store is certainly not an option for many.
Not sure why people keep bringing up jailbreaking in this thread, the bricking has nothing to do with it. I'll agree, if you jailbreak and brick your device, that is on you.   The issue is with the fact that any update with the current system configuration seems to still have a finite chance of bricking a system. The Apple TV is supposed to be a consumer electronics device. If a simple update can break the system, that is a failure of the device in design. My point (which...
With consumer electronics increasingly subject to firmware updates, the chances of "bricking" a device seems to grow higher and higher. I updated my Apple TV to 5.1 with success, but I'm guessing there are many reasons why an update can go wrong. The solution to this is pretty simple: Apple and others need to designed firmware update techniques that are non-destructive if the worse happens. Warnings that "unplugging the device in the middle of an update may make the...
I hope they fixed also the issue where Podcasts or Music that were paused will start playing after a phone call ends.
There's a reason for that. That it's an MS Office equipped tablet is the only real selling point of the Surface. That's why it has a keyboard and a touchpad as well, because they're hoping to sell this as something that people who absolutely need *proper* Office, but think a tablet might be quite nice as well. The keyboard and touchpad reveal this thing for what Microsoft really want it to be: a small laptop, they haven't really jumped into the whole Tablet idea with both...
Really, their arguing that sub-pixel rendering of fonts is better than a high-DPI screen? Talk about drinking the kool-aid.
Don't see how this is different from Apple. If you buy Pages for the iPhone, you don't get a free copy of pages for your iMac do you? 
Well, the "QC" didn't work too well for my phone which had a scratch on the edge coming out of the box. Still, I figured it would get more with age so I didn't care much.
Do you have any evidence to back this up? Like for example, what percentage of Mac users actually utilize Boot Camp or a Virtualization solution like VMWare or Parallels? I'd be surprised if it were higher than 5%.
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