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AMD owns ATI, so they are definitely in the graphics accelerator business.
Typical Apple fanboys!
NBC lost a lot of cash in its little spat with Apple, eh?
The old adage about "no such thing as bad publicity" simply isn't true. If the ads have everyone talking about how shit they are, they're not doing any good. Tell me this: Does watching this "I'm a PC" ad make you want to re-evaluate your decision to use a Mac? Because all it tells me is that a bunch of people use PCs/Windows. I already know this, 90+% of the world use Windows, showing me a bunch of people that use it is not that surprising to me. This type of tactic...
FYI: The Tiger and Panther boxes are mixed up in the graphics.
I can see it now, in Office 2020: Clippy: You look frustrated, can I help you? User: YArrrgghhhhhh!!!!!
Your needs are very clearly different from mine. For example, a lot of software we use cannot simply be recompiled without costing us a butt load of money. Also: again the used of that word "most". It makes life more complicated though doesn't it? Apple's approach is seemless to users, which is why I believe it is the superior one. It may be scoffed at by Linux hackers, but our users simply want their machines to work, and not to have to fiddle around with chrooted logins...
Given that PCs hold 90% of the market, and almost everyone these days has a computer, I don't its that controversial to say that most PC users are completely ignorant of most of the technical issues surrounding 32/64 bits, memory etc. After all, 90% of the market encompasses a lot of grandmas.That said, I imagine that the Mac market has a similar level of technical doltitude, especially given all the arty farty types that use Macs.
The use of the word "most" in this paragraph is the killer, yes, most stuff works, but for mission critical machines it *all* has to work. Installing 32bit Debian made it all work, 64 bit wasn't worth the hassle for us. As an aside, the hassle that linux gives us in general is why we've almost exclusively moved to Macs in the space of 4 years at work.
No, that's not true, it was true for Tiger, but not Leopard. Cocoa is 64 bit, its perfectly possible using Cocoa to make fully 64 bit native apps, including the GUI. Only Carbon lacks 64 bit support. Of course most of the "major" apps on Mac (Photoshop, Office) use Carbon.
New Posts  All Forums: