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I'm assuming 0.42mm is correct, if the Nano was 0.42cm thinner then I think it would ridiculously thin, the current one is only 0.65cm thick after all.
This may be true to a hardcore Linux user, but let me tell you, at work one of our guys recently got a new Linux box with 64 bit linux installed, and non of the software we used worked on it. Getting the box to a point where it could actually run 32bit linux apps was by no means trivial, and in the end we just decided to install 32bit Debian on it as the easiest answer. So please don't make out that 64 bit linux is completely trivial compared to Mac OS X.As for 64 bit...
Can blind people use a Blackberry? Being able to see the screen is pretty important when using a Blackberry, they don't have any accessibility features (such as speaking menu items) do they?
LOL all you like (I doubt you are laughing out loud however), I know plenty of BB users who won't even consider an iPhone due to the lack of tactile keyboard. Apple may have to take those people seriously if it want to replace Blackberries.
True, but they're clunky solutions compared to just getting a spare battery out of your briefcase. If Apple are serious about going after Enterprise users they would do well to develop a "pro" iPhone with features that business users can't live without (like a replaceable battery) and maybe even a keyboard.
If they ever released the mythical Powerbook G5, it would have served your testicles with a side of fries and a coke.
Indeed, I can verify that the issues still exist in the latest version. Really f***ing annoying.
No mention of fixes to the Spaces issues that Office 2008 has.
To be fair, some apps are genuinely overpriced.
Indeed. I've even seen apps costing 99 cents reviewed as expensive. "Not worth 99 cents" I believe someone said, you have to wonder how much 99 cents is actually worth to these people. The "review comments open to all" model works well for iTunes music and movies because people may have valid opinions on stuff they haven't bought from iTunes, but for apps it makes no sense to accept reviews from users who haven't downloaded the software. If after paying for something, they...
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