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The service is still pretty spotty, and the promised "almost daily updates" from the guy at Apple dried up. Meanwhile, I have this odd situation where calendar changes seem to get pushed to all my Macs, but not to my iPhone or to the calendar on the me.com website. Hmm...
My first response to this was whenever Microsoft say "Get the Facts" on something it's usually FUD or lies or both, e.g. such classics as "Get the facts about Linux". The 2nd is, can Microsoft do Marketing for Windows where they don't come off as pompous? This also sounds apologetic (yeah, Vista was shit, but now its great!) which surely can never be a good thing in Marketing. Can you imagine GM advertising a car like this: "Sure the 2004 Malibu was a piece of junk, but...
There is on OS X Server, which has a serial number and a daemon that contacts Apple periodically and disables aspects of the system if the serial number is invalid.
The last generation of PowerMac G5s had dual core PPCs. Also high end Macs have had dual CPUs for ages, I doubt that there any specific difference between a 4 CPU machine and a machine with a 4 core CPU when it comes to Grand Central.
I also work on a NASA mission that runs on several PPC chips, but they're not really close to a G5, more like what was in the old beige PPC Macs (it only runs at 33Mhz), the chip is a RAD6000 if you're interested. BTW - almost all the scientists who work for NASA have Mac laptops. Go to any Astrophysics conference, and I'd say almost 70% of the audience is on Mac laptops. Our mission operations centre uses Mac Pros for many of our mission critical tasks.
We only have an specification list for the Developer Preview though, not Snow Leopard itself. I personally won't believe it until its listed on the Apple Snow Leopard page that its Intel only, anything up to then is speculation only. Apple could well have their reasons for limiting the DP to Intel only right now after all, we don't know their internal process.
You're reading too much into that I think. Its basically saying that it only has drivers for Apple hardware, so that third party GFX card you installed in your Mac Pro won't work.
Yes! Its absolutely possible. This "It's Official" stuff is pure crap. It will only be official when Apple announces that Snow Leopard is Intel only. Right now a developers preview first release working on Intel only is not good enough evidence in my mind.
No move? Why don't you compare Leopard's Activity Monitor window with the one posting, there's one major difference which looks to me like the beginnings of the removal of Aqua widgets to me.
Would be nice to get this rolled out to Servers at least, the inability of the current Leopard Server to serve files over AFP for more than a few hours without the AFP server needing to be restarted has to be one of the bigger Apple bugs I've experienced recently. On the desktop Leopard is pretty decent IMHO, but I don't have any WiFi issues (actually Leopard cured my WiFi issues on an Intel Mac mini). EDIT: Agree with the poster above, the 10.x.3 release is usually the...
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